The end is nigh for the European Union, predicts the chief architect of Brexit, Nigel Farage. Talking to an Italian TV station, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) said, “In a few years time the European Union won’t exist.” Farage was asked about President-elect Donald Trump’s views on the E.U., Farage replied, “It doesn’t really matter,” as the E.U. won’t be around for long.

Farage is the only European politician to have meet Trump since his election victory.

The 52 year old British politician has been a lone voice calling for his country to opt-out of the Brussels Bureaucracy for most parts of the last 20 years. Once scorned and ridiculed by conservative and liberal elites alike, Farage has become a hero for various nationalist movements gaining strengthen within the E.U. member states.

British newspaper Daily Express reports:

Speaking to Italian TV station Agenzia Televisiva Nazionale, the 52-year-old said: “The President-elect has a great deal of respect for Brexit Britain.

“I am not sure what he thinks about the European Union but it doesn’t really matter.

“In a few years time the European Union won’t exist anyway.

“This isn’t working. We can talk about the euro, we can talk about Angela Merkel’s migrant policy.

There are good reasons why Nigel Farage could be spot on in his predictions about the European Union.

The European currency crisis and uncontrolled immigration might have been overshadowed in the media by the coverage of the U.S. elections, but Brussels has done nothing to remedy those fatal flaws. European taxpayers have pumped in around €250 billion into the Greek economy — with no end in sight. Mass-migration from Arab and Muslim countries also continues unabated.

The first blow to the E.U. could come from the Netherlands — a founding member of the union — as Dutch voters go to the polls in March. The threat is not only from Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, but also from a larger alliance of Dutch politicians from across the political spectrum who are opposed to mass-immigration or want greater national sovereignty. This alliance has managed to pass a new referendum law and using use it to block further economic and political unification within the union. As Wall Street Journal noted in its report on Sunday, “The E.U.’s new bomb is ticking in the Netherlands.”

In April 2017, France heads for the first round of presidential election, where the nationalist Marine Le Pen is tipped off to win the initial contest. If Le Pen were to win the French presidency, the European project would be dead for all practical purposes. The E.U. is basically a Franco-German project. If the French starting marching off-beat, the European Superstate will come crumbling down — before you can say FREXIT.

E.U.’s biggest backer, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a stiff challenge at home, as Germans make up their minds ahead of the general elections in the fall of 2017. Merkel is seeking a re-election for a fourth term after ruling the country for eleven years.

WATCH: Nigel Farage reacts to Donald Trump’s victory

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