Here’s more proof that the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election. They’ve been relegated to America’s liberal coastal communities and Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio is a lone man calling out in the wilderness for a change in direction.

Some liberals are responding by doubling down on identity politics and charges of sexism.

The New York Post reports:

Democratic minority challenger accused of sexism

Rep. Tim Ryan’s challenge of the female Democratic minority leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, has ignited charges of sexism.

“This thing where an obscure male backbencher thinks he deserves to replace the most accomplished woman in Congress is how sexism works,” said Ian Millhiser, justice editor at ThinkProgress, a website affiliated with the Clinton-linked Center for American Progress.

“I’m genuinely curious if anyone can argue why Tim Ryan should replace Pelosi other than ‘she was in the job when something bad happened,’” Millhiser added.

Ryan appeared on the Kelly File to address the charges. He rightly says this is about issues, not gender. He also points out that if Pelosi was the coach of a professional sports team she would have been replaced by now.

Twitchy has collected some responses to the Ian Millhiser tweet featured above:

By the way, wasn’t Obama an obscure backbencher who challenged an accomplished woman in 2008? Why wasn’t that sexism?

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