What a horrible problem this man has. Isn’t this a little embarrassing for City University of New York?

The New York Post reports:

CUNY staffer complains about earning $100K for ‘zero work’

He gets paid nearly $100,000 a year by CUNY, but has “zero work” to do — and he’s sick of it.

Harendra “Harold” Sirisena was director of the bursar’s office at the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn for eight years, responsible for all financial matters, including tuition collection, payroll and bank deposits.

But in 2003, without any explanation, he was suddenly replaced by a young office assistant and reduced to a menial biller.

His sole assigned task — plugging names onto form letters — takes up an average 30 days a year, he estimates, leaving him idle for 171 days, or 86 percent of his time.

“I long for the opportunity to earn my salary,” he told The Post.

For the past 13 years, Sirisena has collected his full $96,000 paycheck, more than $1 million in all.

But he has spent most of that time in isolated cubicles — listening to music, watching cricket or soccer games on his computer and doing math problems — or feeding the birds and squirrels at a nearby park.

“Sometimes I’ve fallen asleep,” he said. “It just happens.”

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