The entire concept of sanctuary campus is really just an extension of the safe space concept so lots of schools will probably adopt this stance.

Up until now, this has been mostly about students but at Columbia the administration has taken a position.

The Hill reports:

Columbia University to provide sanctuary, financial help for undocumented students

Columbia University is planning to provide sanctuary and financial support for undocumented students as many face concerns about immigration policy under President-elect Donald Trump, The Columbia Spectator reported.

Provost John Coatsworth said in an email sent to students and teachers Monday that the university would not let immigration officials onto its campus without a warrant or provide the information of undocumented students to authorities without a court-ordered subpoena.

If the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is terminated — as Trump has threatened to do — the university said it would increase financial aid and other support to undocumented students who lose the right to work.

Trump’s victory has “prompted intense concern for the values we hold dear and for members of our community who are apprehensive about what the future holds,” the provost said in the email.