This is pretty astounding for a professor at Columbia. He makes an excellent point, too.

The Washington Times reported:

Columbia professor slams ‘narcissistic,’ ‘isolating’ identity liberalism

A humanities professor at Columbia University in New York City says Donald Trump’s presidential win should signal the end of liberal identity politics.

Speaking with NPR Friday morning, Mark Lilla argued that Mr. Trump’s election victory was due to American voters being “disaffected with the liberal message.”

“Democrats have simply lost the country,” he said. “They have lost the capacity to speak to the vast middle of America, an America that is, in large part, white, very religious and not highly educated.

“Ever since Reagan, [Republicans have] been able to capture the message and an understanding — or persuade people of a certain understanding of what the nation is about and what’s good for it,” he added.

Mr. Lilla, author of “The Shipwrecked Mind: On Political Reaction,” described identity liberalism as “expressive rather than persuasive.”