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Colleges Should Stop Fueling Anti-Trump Fire

Colleges Should Stop Fueling Anti-Trump Fire

Enough already.

Criticism is one thing but the anti-Trump hysteria gripping higher education has to stop.

US News and World Report weighed in on this:

Stop Teaching Anti-Trump Bias

Students were numb. Some wept with anxiety. Teachers wrestled with their own pain and blinked back tears of their own while helping their young charges make sense of the horror. Families across the land asked schools to comfort their children and reassure them that America would endure.

The date was Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001, and 3,000 innocents had just been murdered by Osama bin Laden’s jihadists.

You’d be forgiven, though, if you thought we were referring to last Wednesday, when schools and colleges treated a victory by the Republican presidential nominee much as they did the deadliest attack on American soil since the Civil War. Colleges canceled classes. At others, professors ignored their syllabi to explain their hatred of Republicans. Schools and school districts took dramatic steps to comfort their presumptively terrified students, an undertaking that allowed anguished teachers to fan every feverish rumor.

Educators talked in quavering voices about the horrors of the impending Trump administration. One school administrator lamented to the PBS NewsHour: “We won’t be able to teach math if they feel scared and if they feel like they are at risk.”


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