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College Republicans at U. Miami Spark Outrage With Sign: “Safe spaces are for children”

College Republicans at U. Miami Spark Outrage With Sign: “Safe spaces are for children”

“I was incredibly hurt by how incredibly dehumanizing it was”

The funny thing about this is that the people who were offended by the sign confirmed it to be true.

Red Alert Politics reported:

“Safe spaces are for children”: Liberals triggered by College Republicans’ sign

An effort by University of Miami College Republicans to protest the use of “safe spaces” on campus has drawn intense criticism from a number of students who felt “incredibly hurt” by the message.

A sign that read “Safe Spaces are For Children,” was reportedly posted by the UM College Republicans on the door of their clubroom a week ago.

“I was incredibly hurt by how incredibly dehumanizing it was to anyone who feels or experiences threats,” student Jeremy Penn told The Miami Hurricane. Penn is treasurer of SpectrUM, an LGBTQ organization on campus.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Penn also accused the College Republicans of “supporting a movement that wants him to die in a gas chamber like his dead ancestors.”

Another student, Earl Generato, accused the UM College Republicans of attempting to stifle diversity.

“Signs like that are for children, for people who can’t understand the ways of other people and are not willing to see the perspective of other people,” said Generato, who is also a member of the LGBTQ organization on campus.

Generato’s words are ironic, as there is a long history of liberal students and administrators using “safe spaces” to censor and discriminate against conservative students on college campuses all over the United States. Such tactics have ranged from forcing conservatives to leave their campus jobs to even creating segregated events for students of color, with no whites allowed.

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Children aren’t humans?

Title revision suggestion!

‘College Republicans at U. Miami Spark Liberal Childis Fits With Sign: “Safe spaces are for children”’


Unless he’s Jewish it’s not likely too many of his relatives died in gas chambers. But the reaction sort of proves the point–I love it when lefties claim diversity is advanced by suppressing ideas they don’t like.

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