Lots of people are having trouble adjusting to the fact that Donald Trump won the election and CNN commentator Van Jones is surely one of them.

On election night he went off on a tirade about how Trump’s election was a “whitelash.”

Politico reported:

Van Jones: Trump vote is a ‘white-lash’

CNN commentator Van Jones said racial tensions, including the race of the current president, caused a “white-lash” that helped drive Donald Trump’s Rust Belt victories.

Factors other than race existed too, acknowledged Jones, a former aide to Obama’s White House. But a backlash by white voters was also at play, he said early Wednesday.

“This was a white-lash against a changing country,” he said. “It was a white-lash against a black president in part, and that’s the part where the pain comes. And Donald Trump has a responsibility tonight to come out and reassure people that he is going to be the president of all the people who he insulted and offended and brushed aside.”

Here’s the video:

Then he went off on Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany. The Hill reported:

Van Jones goes off on Trump surrogate: ‘Back off’

A fiery exchange over Donald Trump’s presidential election victory ultimately resulted in CNN contributor Van Jones telling Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany to “back off.”

The verbal altercation between Jones and McEnany on Wednesday night erupted over concerns that a Trump presidency could lead to an extreme new reality for certain minorities.

McEnany insisted that Jones “correct the fear” among minorities that Trump would institute internment camps, causing Jones to snap.

“You need to back off,” Jones fired back.

“Have a little empathy and understanding for people who are afraid because your candidate is one of the most explosively provocative candidates in the history of our country, and there’s a price to be paid for that.”

Here’s that video:

Then he released this video to explain his whitelash comments. It comes off a bit like saying: I’m sorry I called you racists, racists. Watch:

We knew the left would lose it if Trump won but this has been ridiculous.

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