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CNN solicited questions from DNC for Republican interviews (#DNCLeaks2)

CNN solicited questions from DNC for Republican interviews (#DNCLeaks2)

Clinton News Network, indeed.

Rush Limbaugh refers to CNN as the Clinton News Network. The emails obtained (hacked?) from the DNC and Podesta email accounts demonstrate how true that is.

The DNC, which was supposed to be neutral in the Democratic primary, was all in for Hillary, as previously reported. Also, CNN commentator Donna Brazile, who was DNC vice chair at the time (now interim Chair), also fed town hall and debate questions to the Hillary campaign. That latter issue should be an enormous campaign focus — has there EVER before been a proven case of presidential debate cheating? Yet the mainstream media ignores it – I haven’t seen a single question to Hillary or the campaign about it in any news coverage. CNN for its part, acted *shocked, shocked I tell you* to discover that one of its commenters was helping a campaign under the table.

The latest revelation, however, cements CNN’s tattered reputation. Wikileaks released emails obtained from the DNC, and those show CNN actively soliciting questions from the DNC for interviews of Trump, Cruz and Fiorina.

(that interview was cancelled, but CNN in kept the questions for later use)

(more questions at the link)

I’ve not been able to find any response so far from CNN to these revelations.


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I fear for this country. When the Media purposely becomes a propaganda voice for the liberal elite freedom is in danger.

Just imagine where we would be without the Internet and the Bloggospher.

    I fear the propaganda onslaught is so much deeper than just the media. Look at our public education, look at our cable providers (Comcast/NBC), look at Facebook, Twitter, Google, everywhere — it’s an onslaught and most of our populace doesn’t even know what’s going on. Very sad. Pray to God for our country….

      filiusdextris in reply to Helen. | November 7, 2016 at 12:32 pm

      Yes, but if I could take the liberal bias out of only one among the following – the media, primary, secondary, post-secondary education, the courts, environmentalism- I’d choose the media pretty readily, as it’s the linchpin swaying opinion everywhere else.

    Praying is good.

    Relentless push-back and boycotts are better.

Wolf Blitzer should be fired, and so should his boss. This was no one-off, but a series of incidents forming a sturdy pattern.

Unless CNN can show a similar pattern with the Repubs, it’s no-fair cheating.

Clinton News Network used to be known as the Communist News Network. Same meaning.

Dana Milbank (Washington Post) sought opposition research from the DNC.

Wouldn’t his subsequent posts qualify as a taxable, in-kind contribution to a campaign? Dana Milbank is nationally syndicated.

Also: wouldn’t columns based on this research require disclosure according to the Washington Post’s own rules? If not, why not? If he used direct quotes, wouldn’t notice of co-authorship be required?

CNBC, too.

Harwood sees nothing wrong with this, and commenters have asked for a showing that this procedure was followed with the Trump Campaign, as well.

Ends justify means. Lefty 101.

Democrat staffers with bylines. If there’s one good thing Donald Trump has done in this campaign, it’s to point out the unholy alliance between the Democratic party and the press.

And the same for Hillary, with the added bonus of showing just how corrupt she is, and how even the FBI has been dragged down into the slime pit by her ilk’s actions.

Political fact checkers called Trump’s statement that “hillary acid washed her server” absolutely false – (since an employee not hillary and because the employee used bleachbit instead of acid).

“Gosh, the media sure is corrupt and biased for the Left. This was the year they destroyed any remaining credibility they may have had” – Fen, 2052

Henry Hawkins | November 7, 2016 at 1:50 pm

As bad as this is, I experienced something this morning that worries me more. I was second in the check out line at Piggly Wiggly and overheard the customer and the cashier talking about the election. Customer says to cashier, “that’s coming up soon, right?” Cashier says, “yes… Thursday, maybe? I dunno!” They moved on to town gossip without determining the actual date of the election.

I fear there are a LOT of adults in our country just as oblivious.