Rush Limbaugh refers to CNN as the Clinton News Network. The emails obtained (hacked?) from the DNC and Podesta email accounts demonstrate how true that is.

The DNC, which was supposed to be neutral in the Democratic primary, was all in for Hillary, as previously reported. Also, CNN commentator Donna Brazile, who was DNC vice chair at the time (now interim Chair), also fed town hall and debate questions to the Hillary campaign. That latter issue should be an enormous campaign focus — has there EVER before been a proven case of presidential debate cheating? Yet the mainstream media ignores it – I haven’t seen a single question to Hillary or the campaign about it in any news coverage. CNN for its part, acted *shocked, shocked I tell you* to discover that one of its commenters was helping a campaign under the table.

The latest revelation, however, cements CNN’s tattered reputation. Wikileaks released emails obtained from the DNC, and those show CNN actively soliciting questions from the DNC for interviews of Trump, Cruz and Fiorina.

(that interview was cancelled, but CNN in kept the questions for later use)

(more questions at the link)

I’ve not been able to find any response so far from CNN to these revelations.


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