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Brutal Dictator Fidel Castro DEAD

Brutal Dictator Fidel Castro DEAD

Media: But free health care!

Fidel Castro, darling of the left, brutal dictator in reality, died overnight.

The reactions, needless today, have varied.

In Little Havana in Miami, there was dancing in the street.

In the real Havana, celebrating his death would likely result in a lengthy prison sentence, so no dancing for them.

In the left-wing political circles, there was praise for this communist revolutionary.

In the U.S. media, it was like — let’s remember he instituted free health care!

Here are some reactions:

Short, but to the point:

This will surprise no one:


Newsbusters has the inevitable *but free health care* reactions:



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DieJustAsHappy | November 26, 2016 at 9:06 am

Some will say we are not to celebrate the death of our enemies. My reply is, “I’m not. I’m celebrating on behalf of those who are no longer with us, ones who so longed to see this day, as well as those who are rejoicing at the removal of a boot from the neck of a people!”

Yes, there are other boots remaining still. Yet, their end draws nigh as well. So, for now, it is as the crowd outside of the Versailles Cuban restaurant sang,

“Nuestro día ya viene llegando” (Our day is coming!)

    Then there are others who say to celebrate the death of your enemies – especially those guilty genocide.

    Party on!

      I raise my 4th cortadito of the day in a toast to my American friends of Cuban heritage. You have waited so long but how apropos that Fidel has given you another
      reason to give thanks on this American Thanksgiving holiday…….Gracias,Fedel !

      This time the headlines are real, “Fidel Castro dead at 90”
      The street parties began last night in front of the Versaille restaurant in Miami and as a gringa who grew up here I say, Party On!!

burn in hell with Che, pendejo

    userpen in reply to Frank G. | November 26, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Obama says history will be Castro’s final judge. And all this time I was thinking it was God.

      Obama is sweating his own idiotic legacy, to which history will be about as kind as it was to Dimmmy (sic) Carter.

      Should have been kinder to the people you met on the way up, barry: because you’re gonna meet the same people on the way down.

I am not celebrating. At least not yet.
Very little has changed in Cuba and very little will change now that the son of a bitch died.
Most likely, there will be increased repression and open police/military presence in the streets, just in case. After a couple of weeks, back to ‘normal’.

A completely unsurprising statement in The Guardian. I got it from

“Former Labour party member Peter Hain: Although responsible for indefensible human rights and free speech abuses, Castro created a society of unparalleled access to free health, education and equal opportunity despite economically throttling USA siege – The Guardian”


That was a close one … Thank goodness he held on long enough for Barry to surrender to him.

Sadly, he managed to pass the Collectivist baton to his family.

Cuba is not yet free.

“spiritual beacon”

Is that a ‘drawn like a moth to the flame’ kind of beacon?

he joined che in hell.

Pity the poor stressed out leftists. Not only do they have a Trump presidency to ruin their day, but the sweet loveably leader of Cuba has gone to the great beyond. I hope they are able to self medicate enough to get through this stressful time. LOL!! I am so happy!

I’m betting President Obama goes to Havana and speaks at the state funeral…

No, now is the time for Forgiveness and Mercy, not revenge. Let’s be better than that. Even as a Reagan conservative, I grew to admire and respect Fidel Castro’s honor and integrity. Do we know where he is going to be buried? I would really like the chance to pay my respects in person. Thanks.

    Exiliado in reply to Fen. | November 26, 2016 at 11:20 am

    You are a piece of shit.
    Go pay your ‘respects’ and never come back.

    honor and integrity…

    Just stopped laughing.

    We imagine you’ll be saying that about Hillary Clinton when she finally drops dead.

    Have you ever thought of a career in comedy?

    userpen in reply to Fen. | November 27, 2016 at 8:53 am

    How do I show revenge to a dead person? Make negative comments on Legal Insurrection? Oh my that is a big no no. I mustn’t do that!

    How do I show forgiveness and mercy to Castro who is now dead. Well he didn’t do nothing to me personally, so I will forgive him for all the people he murdered and tortured. Surely he will get into heaven now.

    Where will he be buried? I don’t know where is body is but I’ve got a pretty good idea where is soul is. Merci!

Oh my. Look at all the crows. Imagine that.

“The United States has been trying to assassinate Castro for 57 years. Trump is elected&he’s dead in three weeks.WE JUST KEEP WINNING FOLKS!”

May you occupy the same spit in Hell for Eternity as Che.

Rev.Jesse & Andrea Mitchell’s tweeties leave this student of human evil BREATHLESS.

“Media: But free health care!”


This is the quote, from the Guardian, from wikileaks, from a cable ….
“Despite this, former United States Interests Section in Havana chief Michael E. Parmly wrote a diplomatic cable on January 31, 2008, which in part read:

XXXXXXXXXXXX stated that Cuban authorities have banned Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, as being subversive. Although the film’s intent is to discredit the U.S. healthcare system by highlighting the excellence of the Cuban system, he said the regime knows the film is a myth and does not want to risk a popular backlash by showing to Cubans facilities that are clearly not available to the vast majority of them.”

Even Castro didn’t approve of Michael Moore’s lies. And they knew they weren’t giving good health care to their people. What is wrong with the souls of these leftist liberals?

Alas… his death was 70 years too.late. the cost of commmunism in death and misery is so great that it once again proves that the Leftist mind is terribly flawed. Waiting to hear what our Leftist in Chief will have as a parting comment…..something sappy and with just enough truth to cover for the overall lies.

I think that Castro DESERVES to have Obama speak at his funeral.

I can only hope for the day when castro’s (spit) supporters and sympathizers follow him to hell.

It’s been several hours now. As Chevy Chase may have once said (when Saturday Night Live was funny), “Generalissimo Castro is still seriously dead.”