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American U. Students Hold Castro in Higher Regard Than Trump

American U. Students Hold Castro in Higher Regard Than Trump

“I know that Fidel Castro has done some good things for the world.”

This is a horrifying example of just how indoctrinated some students become by left wing sentiments on college campuses. When asked who is worse, Fidel Castro or Donald Trump, many of these students struggle to answer and some of them even defend Castro.

Castro has a decades long record and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet but that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Campus Reform reported:

VIDEO: AU students prefer Castro over Trump

Fidel Castro’s recent death evoked conflicting assessments of his legacy from world leaders, but college students are no more prepared than prime ministers to justify their support for the Cuban dictator.

President-Elect Donald Trump, for example, referred to Castro as a “brutal dictator,” whereas Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called him a “remarkable leader.”

In order to gauge millennial feelings on the passing of the authoritarian Cuban leader, Campus Reform asked students at American University which political figure they viewed more favorably: Castro or Trump.

While several students identified the repressive elements of Castro’s regime, such as jailing and murdering his political opponents, few were willing to say that this made them view him less favorably than Donald Trump.

“I mean, right now I don’t think Donald Trump is very good, and I know that Fidel Castro has done some good things for the world so I’d say he’s proven himself at least in the long term to be more favorable,” one student opined after referencing Castro’s health care reforms in Cuba.

Another student borrowed language from Trudeau, calling Castro a “remarkable leader” and claiming that his regime “made possibilities for the Cuban people nearly endless.”

Watch the video:

Given that kind of logic, is it any wonder that this happened on the same campus?

Via Newsmax:

Trump-Protesting Students Burn Flags at American University

Hundreds of students at American University gathered on campus to protest Donald Trump’s presidential victory and used matches and lighters to torch several American flags.

The group chanted “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” and waved signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” “Stand up to racism!” and “Stand against anti-Muslim bigotry,” the university’s student newspaper The Eagle reported.

“This is a representation of America! We are going down in flames!” one protestor shouted.

American University spokeswoman Camille Lepre said the school supports the “free expression of views on all sides of the political spectrum.”

Somehow, I don’t think the “other side” is getting much representation at American U.

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It would appear that American universities are the breeding ground for future terrorists. Can there be a more ignorant group on our planet? What are the teaching to these morons?

Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

On the up side, I doubt that more than two or three modern college students have ever even heard of Castro, and those few have just heard something about free, errr, something-or-other … oh yeah, tuition, or health care, or something.

These kids might be victims as much as the Hitler Youth were, but there is a bit of corruption in them: they’ve abrogated their votes and their minds in exchange for an easier ride through college and their late 20s.

What most of them don’t understand is they’ve made a deal with the devil. Their 30s and beyond will be a bitch. And most of them will deserve it.

The socialist/Marxist indoctrination policy at our Universities appears to be working.

Aren’t most college campuses just a highly concentrated collection of ignorance? The kids I can cut some slack because they simply haven’t lived long enough to know better. The adults are another story. I have occasion to interact socially with many “educators” employed in higher education and an alarming number of them haven’t stepped from the cocoon of public education since they entered kindergarten. Textbook experts who have never actually worked in their fields of “expertise” outside of a couple of brief internships. Looking at a roomful of them would give you the visual impression of some real diversity, but by the evening’s end you discover a near total lack of diversity in their collective group-think. It can be quite amusing at times.

A bar full of drunken ironworkers has a better collective grip on reality.

It starts in high school. I was horrified to find out that my nephew thought communism was a very interesting and useful system. He did not seem to understand that Karl Marx himself admitted that the first step was slavery….. and that no communist system has ever gotten beyond that point without being scrapped.

    Inform the kid that in communist systems, there is no private ownership of property.

    In other words, a Castro-clone running America could have put a street person to live in your nephew’s bedroom – and force him to share his iPhone.

It is way past time for tax supported universities to have closer scrutiny.

Have these numbskulls considered the many many people who risked their lives to escape from Castro’s brutality?

    Not one of the. Why should they? They live in a world of corruption and peer-pressure and the most vile of manipulation.

    The trick is to show them how they’ve been played.

    Hell hath no fury like a millenium scorned.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that anyone who believes — truly believes — that socialism and communism function better than free-market capitalism, have only ever lived under one of them.

Of those who’ve tried both, they almost universally prefer capitalism.

Couple that with the Pravda-style smear campaign the MSM waged (and is still waging) against Trump, along with revisionist history that overlooks the last 60 years of atrocities the Cuban government committed against its own citizens, and it becomes natural — even predictable — that liberal American college students and professors (most of whom were born and raised in a capitalist society, I might add) would see Castro as the lesser evil.

Just remember: It’s not a bug in the “education” system; it’s a feature.

Castro has done some good things. He’s made Cubans want to learn to swim and has provided the USA with a hard working bunch of good people who are actual refugees.

Leftists never met a mass Planner they could not love. Make abortion, not life.

ugottabekiddinme | November 30, 2016 at 7:13 pm

“I know that Fidel Castro has done some good things for the world …”

Yeah? The best thing Castro ever did for the world was to leave it.