And people have been worrying whether the Trump administration would conduct itself in a mature manner? . . . On CNN this morning, Christine Quinn—former NYC Council Speaker and a Hillary surrogate—used childish antics in an attempt to silence conservative radio talk show host Ben Ferguson on the subject of sanctuary cities.

At one point [1:46 in video], Quinn raised her hand and angrily yelled “ah, ba-ba-ba-ba!” to shut Ferguson down. It was the most churlish display by a political pundit this Insurrectionist can remember. Ferguson took it all in stride, smiling wryly through Quinn’s antics.

JOHN BERMAN: New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio promised just moments ago on New Day to keep New York City a sanctuary city, but President-elect Donald Trump has promised stiff financial consequences for cities that do that. So can mayors realistically defy this order? I want to bring in our CNN commentators. Ben Ferguson is a conservative commentator and host of Ben Ferguson Show and Christine Quinn is former NYC Council Speaker, she was supportive of Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.

. . .

CHRISTINE QUINN: We’re allowed to do this. It’s not like we’re disregarding the federal government, they can do their job, but we don’t have to do it for them —

JOHN BERMAN: All right, Ben Ferguson, your turn [after Ferguson had complained about Quinn’s filibustering.]

QUINN: There you go!

. . .

BEN FERGUSON: First of all, you have an issue here with victims of people who commit crimes. And what she’s describing here is basically unrealistic. You cannot have a sanctuary city and also enforce the law at the same time. You are choosing to defy and say to the federal government, we are not going to enforce the laws. For her to say they don’t ask people about their status and somehow that’s compassionate. It’s not compassionate to those who are victims of crimes by people who are in those at sanctuary cities that have warrants out for their arrest, when they don’t do a background check when they catch somebody, or to see if they have warrants out when they catch somebody. The bigger issue here is this. We have federal laws that say that you are not supposed to be in this country illegally and if you come here illegally, then you are working and taking jobs away from American citizens. [Quinn can be seen shaking her head and laughing sarcastically.] So, these mayors that say, oh, I’m going to not do these things. I’m not going to turn over someone when we find out that they’re here illegally. They deserve to get their federal funds taken away from their city.

. . .

QUINN: In New York City if somebody gets rushed into an emergency room and they are bleeding, I do think it is wrong to not fix them, to help them physically.

FERGUSON: That’s not what I’m talking about —

QUINN: Ah, ba-ba-ba-ba!

FERGUSON: I agree with you!

QUINN: Two —

FERGUSON: I agree with you —

QUINN: Yeah, yeah. I let you go on and on and on. Two, we are not talking about violent criminals. When we —

FERGUSON: How do you know if you don’t check them?

QUINN: Hello?? What we’re talking

FERGUSON: How do you know?

QUINN: Can you be quiet? We’re going to have to do this for four years, so calm yourself down and get a little manners! Two, Mr. Ferguson might not fully understand all of the dynamic and I think this is a complicated issue that is getting boiled down into rhetoric and will hurt people.

. . .

QUINN: John, I mean Ben, you’re right, Mr. Ferguson, is wrong about the funding issue. There’s clear court cases that say you cannot take away federal money not related to what is going on.

FERGUSON: Yes you can!

QUINN: There are solid court cases. You can do it on drunk driving and streets. There is not money relevant to this.

FERGUSON: That’s just not true!

BERMAN: Let’s hit the books, let’s go to the library, let’s check this out. We will continue this discussion very soon.

QUINN: Thank you.

BERMAN: Ben Ferguson, nice to introduce you two and look forward to the next four years.

QUINN: [laughs uproariously]