A philosophy professor at Yale is taking heat for a vulgar Facebook response to a Christian philosopher’s remarks on homosexuality.

Yale Daily News reports:

Philosophy professor under fire for online post

Yale Philosophy professor Jason Stanley recently drew national attention for his strong response to a keynote address at the Society of Christian Philosophers’ regional conference Sept. 24 to 26.

“Having homosexual orientation is a disability — for a homosexual cannot beget children through a loving act with a person to whom they have a unique lifelong commitment. Of course some homosexuals do not want to beget children, but the behavior of other homosexuals indicates that they clearly do; and a disability is a disability whether or not the disabled person minds about it,” Oxford Emeritus professor Richard Swinburne said in the address.

Stanley made a post on Facebook condemning Swinburne that was initially posted to a friend’s private Facebook page but was later circulated on the internet as a screen shot. The post, which included the phrase “F— those a–holes. Seriously,” drew intense criticism, especially from vocal conservative figures like Rod Dreher, who wrote in a Sept. 28 article in The American Conservative that he was outraged at the “reckless judgment, vulgar language and unhinged nature” of Stanley’s remarks.