The leaked Podesta emails are providing a lot of insight into Hillary and her team, including tidbits that support suspicions long-held on the right and now seemingly confirmed.

The latest example may implicate the Hillary campaign in illegal activity (yet again).  The emails in question appear to show the Hillary campaign engaged in illegal coordination with George Soros.

The Daily Caller reports:

Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s personal email account published by WikiLeaks reveal the Clinton campaign’s coordination with George Soros’s Open Society Foundations on the subject of police reform.

Soros, who has given almost $10 million to Clinton super PAC Priorities USA, is a major funder of Black Lives Matter. The Washington Times reported in August that Soros has given at least $33 million to the group through the Open Society Foundations (OSF), which he funds and controls.

. . . . A December 2015 email exchange between Podesta and OSF president Chris Stone was included in the batch of Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks on Friday.

“Hi, John. Your policy team was asking me for ideas on police reform a couple of months ago. Here’s a concrete idea I’ve written up, and a good hook for it in Chicago,” Stone wrote.

Stone attached to the email an article he wrote that advocated putting federally-funded bureaucrats in charge of police oversight.

“Thanks Chris. Will circulate. Hope all is well,” Podesta replied.

“As well as can be. We are now officially and formally undesirable in Russia. Hope you are thriving!” Stone shot back. “From where I sit, things look good for your team.”

Setting aside the possible lawlessness—we can be certain no charges will be filed against Hillary:  Soros and Team Hillary coordinating on federalizing the police forces of America?  Not good.