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University of Denver Places Content Restrictions on Free Speech Wall

University of Denver Places Content Restrictions on Free Speech Wall

You’re doing it wrong.

The University of Denver has a free speech wall on campus but the school is now restricting what can be written on it. You couldn’t make this up.

The College Fix reports:

Content restrictions placed on university’s free speech wall

University of Denver student leaders have placed restrictions on what can be written on a campus free speech wall — and have also installed a camera to monitor who writes what — after some of the messages scrawled on the wall upset students of color.

Student leaders, in a recent memo to the campus community, stated that the restrictions — which they dubbed “guidelines” — are as follows:

Students may not use The Wall to intimidate, oppress or exploit members of the community.

DU has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment and gender-based violence, and therefore, The Wall cannot be used to promote messages that compromise the safety of community members. Content on the wall that intimidates members of the community, leading them to fear for their safety and well-being is in violation of The Wall guidelines.

Hate speech, which is prohibited on The Wall, may take the form of direct or indirect offensive slurs, jokes, messages, or attacks on members of the DU community based on their race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, abilities, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation.


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It’s hilariously oxymoronic.
A “free speech” wall with a security camera “to monitor who writes what”: Liberals are just out of control.

University of Denver’s idea of a “free speech wall”: