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U. Michigan to Pay Chief Diversity Officer $385K Per Year

U. Michigan to Pay Chief Diversity Officer $385K Per Year

Nice work if you can get it.

An annual salary of $385,000 breaks down to a paycheck of $7,400 every week. Does this amount strike you as a bit extreme for a Chief Diversity Officer?

The Daily Caller reports:

ANNALS OF THE 1 PERCENT: University Of Michigan To Pay Diversity Bureaucrat $385,000 Yearly

The University of Michigan is paying its newly-appointed chief diversity officer a sweet salary that is substantially more than any governor in any state makes.

Robert Sellers is the taxpayer-funded administrator who has struck it rich, according to Michigan Capitol Confidential.

In his position as “vice provost for equity and inclusion and chief diversity officer,” Sellers will collect a cool $385,000 per year — over $32,000 each month and over $7,400 each week.

The annual salary is just $15,000 less than the amount President Barack Obama brings to the executive residence of the White House each year.

Each year, Sellers will make $194,177 more than the salary of America’s highest-paid governor — Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania — as a diversity bureaucrat. He will make $250,208 more than the salary of the average state governor in the United States, which is $134,792. He will make $384,999 more than Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, who accepts a salary of $1 each year.

Sellers is in the top one percent in income among all workers in Michigan and in the top two percent among all workers in the entire United States.

The median household income in Michigan is $54,208 per year.


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OK – that’s it, Michigan – no more money for you. Well, I really wasn’t giving anything since a prof decided it was ok to hate Republicans. Michigan did decrease their fundraising efforts to me,
after I complained, but it is starting to increase again.

I sure wonder if the new guy will consider conservatives to be part of the diversity?

I also wonder what the recruitment process was for this position? When Oklahoma hired a diversity higher-up, I don’t think it was through the standard job search. Nope, according to the linked article,he was nominated for the job by the UM president.

I’m sure that he’ll deliver well over $7400 worth of intellectual capital each and every week to help sustain U of M in it’s diversity outreach.
I also wonder how many junkets…er conferences in Hawaii he’ll take each month.
I may have to look into running for one of the regent seats, a little extra money for the Christmas fund could come in handy.

His salary is nothing compared to his budget: $85 million for the next 5 years. How’s that for putting tuition, taxes and student loans to work? Religion ain’t cheap.

Yeah, my sister is a professor at the University of Michigan.

Diversity is a huge issue there, in part because the MI law against affirmative action means that people’s applications to become grad students or researchers at UM have no indication as to their race. It gets removed before the admissions and hiring committees even get a look.

They are desperate to get “people of color” (i.e., colored people) but are really struggling – the best candidates get snapped up by the Ivies and Stanford and everyone else is scrambling to find qualified people among the under-educated and under-achieving rest of the applicant pool. But hey! The university just found a way to add a Black person’s face to their org chart without having to find a Black person who can do calculus. Yay!