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U. Chicago Students Violate Rules With Campus Phone Bank for Hillary

U. Chicago Students Violate Rules With Campus Phone Bank for Hillary

University facilities aren’t allowed to be used for “partisan political campaign activities.”

Does anyone believe these students will be disciplined in any way? Why should they be? The candidate they’re trying to elect wasn’t.

The College Fix reports:

Pro-Hillary student group appears to violate UChicago rules with on-campus phone banks

Students for Hillary at the University of Chicago, an unofficial group at the school, appeared to violate campus policies against using school resources for political campaigning in its work for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It held phone banks for Clinton on Sept. 28, and Oct. 12, according to a since-removed Facebook post and a Google Docs form.

According to the four-year-old Political Campaign Activity Memorandum from the Office of Legal Counsel, which the university confirmed to The College Fix is current, “University facilities may not be used for political fundraising or any other partisan political campaign activities.”

The policy also remains linked from an undated page on student hosts’ responsibilities for their guests, specifically naming political candidates.

“Because students are not regarded as speaking for the University, the rules pertaining to student groups are somewhat less restrictive than those applicable to others within the University community,” the policy reads.


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A.Weiner should find a hole to hide in & not pleasure self by constant in & out, going & coming.
If Anthony contacted H by email, it’d probably be 1st time she’d come in contact with a Weiner.

SeriousDude- need 2 run, hide, hire BGs, & watch 4 drones, bc if H thinks you cost her elec, you in danger- like Assange. H’s squirreled away $2Bil offshore, she’ll have $ to hire all the hitters 4 all her haters. Sec caught 1 scaling Assange’s Embsy but, ‘got away.’ Police response time- 2hrs. PoliceStation distance on foot- 120 seconds. Hmmm.

Re MedBias: I hate TheWeatherChannel bc they have an obvious far-wingnut pro-weather bias. Definitely in the tank for Big Weather.

1) Think of person you dislike most in life. Someone disgusting. If that person runs 2 you
shouting, ‘The News just said a huge meteor is going to strike US in 4 hours!’ Do you say,
‘I despise this person so I won’t even check on if it’s really true’?

2) A very low IQ person tells you 4+4 = 8. Do you say, ‘their IQ is SO low, ‘8’ can’t be right. Is something automatically ‘not true’ just bc the source of the information is suspect? Instead of questioning the source, isn’t the better question, ‘Is the information true?’

I’m tired of attempts by Dems 2 divert fr their scandals by bitching Russia’s behind leaked Ems. So The Hell What? Not a Rusky fan, & don’t know if they’re doing it, but I DO know how little effort Dems put into contesting Em Accuracy. They don’t even go, ‘Nuh uh!’ when confronted with them. They just throw up ‘Jazz Hands’ and shout, ‘RUSSIA!’
– How stupid do we are they think?

Dem arrogance. It’s an unending gift. They wouldn’t b sweating now if they didn’t have so much schitt to hide fr the public in 1st place, & giving hax so much delicious material 2 hack.