It’s amazing that a student could be harassed by others for something as simple as promoting free speech.

The College Fix reports:

Student attacked by enraged peers upset at his ‘racist white cis male’ free speech campaign

A Tufts University sophomore who recently proposed a sweeping free speech resolution to the campus community has been viciously attacked and maligned on social media by peers who suggest he’s only lobbying for free speech so he can be free to say racist and oppressive things.

Jake Goldberg’s resolution calls for an end to campus anti-free speech rules at Tufts, including vague administrative provisos that crack down on the “use of nicknames,” “hurtful words,” “bias-fueled jokes,” “comments on an individual’s body or appearance,” “innuendos of a sexual nature,” “gender bias,” and dozens more similar examples cited in the measure.

Goldberg brought forth the resolution on behalf of a relatively new organization he co-created called Students Advocating for Students. But many students reacted to the resolution — posted Sept. 25 on the Tufts Class of 2019 and Tufts Class of 2020 Facebook page — in apparent fits of online rage.