By any conventional wisdom, Donald Trump’s polling numbers should crater as a result of the release of a 2005 video in which he disparages women and boasts of hitting on married and other women in a manner that suggests non-consensual sexual contact. But so much of what seems logical to me has been wrong when it comes to Trump’s ability to weather political storms.

Put aside the rank hypocrisy of the politicians and media who to this day defend Bill Clinton, who is alleged by numerous women to have done far worse.

Precisely because the media would want any Republican to lose, no moral equivalence will be drawn much yet used as an excuse. After all, the media painted Mitt Romney as a virtual sexual deviant because of the “binders of women” comment during a debate, so yes, the mainstream media is disgusting and dishonest.

Trump’s apology seems to signal that he will respond by putting Bill and Hillary in the dock, going squarely at Bill’s allegedly more serious conduct and Hillary’s attack on Bill’s paramours and accusers.

Trump says he’s not dropping out:

And his wife is standing by him:

There will be a huge audience Sunday night at the second debate, maybe larger than the first debate. If Trump is to turn the corner, that’s the best (and maybe last) time to do it.

Seems that Trump is approaching ramming speed: