A professor at the University of Toronto recently spoke out against the use of genderless pronouns like “ze,” angering left wing students in the process.

People held a rally on campus to defend the professor and free speech, but campus activists showed up and intimidated people. They also used a “white noise” machine to drown out speakers.

Now the activists are claiming they were the ones who were attacked.

The College Fix reported:

Transgender activists attack free speech rally to defend professor who won’t say ‘ze’

Students at the University of Toronto say their student government is fabricating hate crimes, while ignoring attacks made on free speech advocates at an event last week.

The student government accused supporters of a UT psychology professor – now under fire for his public comments dismissing genderless pronouns – of assaulting transgender students at a rally on Tuesday.

At least a dozen videos from a free speech rally supporting Prof. Jordan Peterson Oct. 11 show protesters shoving free speech supporters, drowning out demonstrators with white noise and hitting a conservative news crew.

But by Sunday evening, the Students’ Union (UTSU) was calling for a “public inquiry” into the UT Campus Community Police because officers “refused to intervene” when transgender people were “assaulted” at the rally.

“Tuesday’s rally was marred by bigotry and violence,” and police “knew of and saw trans folks being assaulted” and did nothing, the UTSU Executive Board claimed in a statement.

If you watch the video below from Rebel Media, you’ll see the activists behaving like children, aggressively grabbing at people. One girl is throwing glitter around, which as harmless as it may seem, is actually quite dangerous.

One of the most interesting moments is at the 4:22 mark when a young woman who came to Canada from Serbia voices her disbelief that people who are privileged to have free speech won’t allow it for others.

Watch the whole thing, this is amazing:

After watching that, do you believe the trans activists were assaulted? The University of Toronto’s student union does. They released this statement on Facebook:

Response to Violence and Hate Speech

Last week, we saw our community at its worst. Tuesday’s rally was marred by bigotry and violence, and the Campus Police refused to intervene when they knew of and saw trans folks being assaulted. This is intolerable. Even now, the University has done nothing to ensure that all students are safe on campus. In the face of violence, hate speech, and threats, trans students are not safe on campus and similarly, in the face of hateful and racist remarks, black students are not safe on campus either.

It is unacceptable for the Campus Police to fail in their responsibility to keep students safe from violence on campus, and specifically against trans students. We are, therefore, calling for a full, public inquiry into the University of Toronto Campus Community Police. An investigation by the administration—to which students have no access—will not be sufficient, an investigation must be public and done by an unbiased party.

At least we know America isn’t alone in acts of campus lunacy.

Featured image via YouTube.