On last evening’s Hardball, when Trump surrogate Steve Cortes said that voters across America don’t care about Donald Trump’s refusal to blindly accept the election outcome, Chris Matthews shut him down. After calling Cortes an “elitist,” Matthews declared “this isn’t going to work,” cut Cortes off, and moved to reliable liberal Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post.

By coincidence, in this morning’s Quick Hits, this Insurrectionist wrote “the liberal echo chamber has contracted a bad case of the vapors over Trump’s statement, but hard to believe many actual voters out in America give much of a darn.” Guess elitist minds think alike 😉

Note: Cortes cited Joe Scarborough’s impassioned comments on today’s Morning Joe on the subject. We blogged on it here.


STEVE CORTES: Chris, listen, I will tell you this. I am very honored to be a surrogate of Donald Trump. It’s not always the easiest job, because he often doesn’t speak with nuance, and at times he speaks very inartfully. And I think he did last night. However, he clarified that today. And I think this is much ado about nothing. I would echo the comments of your colleague, Joe Scarborough, who said this morning, this means a lot to media elites, it doesn’t mean anything to voters in Scranton, Pennsylvania

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Oh, yeah, who’s speaking for Scranton these days?

CORTES: Who can’t pay their bills.

MATTHEWS: Who’s speaking for Scranton?

CORTES: Obamacare sending their premiums —

MATTHEWS: Thank you, thank you for being an elite, because that’s an elitist comment. To say it will play in Peoria, that’s the old John Ehrlichman line in the Nixon administration. The idea that people out there in places like Erie, they’re going to go along with a guy who says this is professional wrestling, this is rigged. It’s not about close elections, it’s not about irregularities.

CORTES: What I’m saying —

MATTHEW: Who says this election’s rigged? Who says it? Do you say it?

CORTESL This is not important to their lives —

MATTHEWS: Did you say it was rigged?

CORTES: What’s important is the economy and security. That’s what’s important to their lives.

MATTHEWS: Do you believe this election is rigged?

CORTES: He clarified today, Chris.

MATTHEWS: No he didn’t. He did not take back the rigged charge. He has not taken it back.

CORTES: He clarified today, he said, of course — he went even further than you —

MATTHEWS: Okay, this isn’t going to work. I’ve got to talk to Ruth for a minute. Ruth, a couple things he said —