A group called “Students for Reproductive Justice” recently held a workshop at Loyola University Chicago, a Catholic school, in which participants performed mock abortions using papayas.

In addition to the sick moral equivalence of comparing a human fetus to a piece of fruit, the teachings of the Catholic Church are pretty clear on the issue of abortion.

The College Fix reported:

VIDEO: Students at Catholic university perform mock abortions

An unofficial abortion-rights group at a Catholic university hosted a “papaya workshop” last month that showed students how to perform abortions using a tropical fruit.

Students laughed as a Loyola University Chicago medical student apparently guided another student through a mock abortion, as seen in video posted by Students for Reproductive Justice on Facebook.

“Ooh!” the student exclaims as a papaya seed gets sucked into the tube. Several more seeds are visible on the table in the video – previous “abortions.”

Aspiration abortion uses suction to end a pregnancy up to 10 weeks, and it’s “very similar to sucking the seeds out of a papaya!” the Facebook post reads.

The workshop’s goal was to “destigmatize abortion in general” and show that it’s a “simple medical procedure.” Another mock-abortion workshop is scheduled for next semester.

Students for Reproductive Justice isn’t just giving students a preview of their future careers in abortion. It’s showing them how to lobby for policy change, recently convincing the Loyola administration to remove pro-life resources from the campus Wellness Center.

Its next goal: getting the Catholic university to provide free abortion pills on campus.

Here’s the video:

This is how Students for Reproductive Justice described the event on Facebook:

The papaya workshop was a success! Special thanks to Midwest Access Project for putting the workshop together and supplying everything, Chicago Women’s Health Center for allowing us to use their space, Bedsider for funding the event, and especially to Natasha, a medical student at Loyola, for instructing us.

The purpose of the papaya workshop is for students to learn about aspiration abortions, and to destigmatize abortion in general. Abortion is a simple medical procedure. Up to 10 weeks, this procedure is very similar to sucking the seeds out of a papaya!

The left thinks nothing of advancing their agenda in places where the very foundation of the institution conflicts with their views but the opposite is never true.

Try to imagine a workshop on how to obtain a gun license would go over at a school like Oberlin or Berkeley.

Do you think it would even be allowed?

Featured image is a screen cap.


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