This student knew what he was getting into and did this partly as an experiment. He wrote about the experience at The Tab:

I wore a Trump hat around Rutgers for a week

When I bought my Trump hat to campus over the summer, I knew it was controversial to wear it in public; it has become equivalent to tattooing a swastika on your forehead. Nevertheless, I was curious how Trump supporters would be treated on a liberal college campus, so when I decided to wear it in public for a week around Rutgers I knew the reception would be less than friendly.

The first and second days I wore my MAGA hat around campus were pretty uneventful. They were weekdays, so everybody was sober enough to restrain their hatred. Still, people expressed their disapproval, but it was all passive aggressive. I remember sitting on a bus with my hat flipped backwards, and two girls were talking right behind me about how wearing this hat was a social fallacy.

“You’re 19-20 years old, and you don’t know that!” One of the more aggressive girls said to her friend, “Why would you even wear this hat in public?!” She asked, not to my face, but to her friend, as if I needed her approval to deem what was acceptable behavior.

Another noticeable change came from my good friend’s roommate. Upon seeing my hat, she decided to stop talking to me and ignore my presence whenever I was in the room. The passive aggressive reactions were to be expected. However, the most exciting experiences my Trump hat brought me were on Friday and Saturday because, as we all know, drunk words are sober thoughts. These sober thoughts were very public, and a little harsh (this is a severe understatement).

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