Why not just drop academics completely and focus on training in left wing protest culture? Many students already seem to think that’s the whole point of college.

The College Fix reports:

Midwest universities offer to train students in leftist activism, better protesting

Some Chicago-area universities are sponsoring training in political activism this fall – but it appears to be tilted towards progressive causes only.

The administration at Northwestern University is putting on “Social Justice Advocacy Training” Friday. The promotional poster for the event promotes liberal causes such as Black Lives Matter and NU Divest, which advocates boycott, divestment and sanction against Israel.

Sponsored by the Leadership and Community Engagement office, participants will learn how to “Articulate the dynamics of political power, how to change those dynamics, and determine how and where to engage in policy change for social justice.”

They will “Apply research, planning, and organizing strategies to engage and empower citizens and grassroots groups.”