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Software Engineering Class at Iowa State Includes Lesson on Microaggressions

Software Engineering Class at Iowa State Includes Lesson on Microaggressions

School defends as ‘entirely appropriate’

If I was a student in this class, I would have walked out, gone directly to the registrar’s office and demanded my money back. Pushing this crap in a computer science class is beyond insulting.

The College Fix reports:

Iowa State defends lesson on microaggressions in software engineering class: ‘Entirely appropriate’

A recent guest lecture on microaggressions in a software engineering class at Iowa State University that prompted criticisms from observers was an “entirely appropriate” lesson for the course, a campus officials told The College Fix.

The controversy started last week after a photo of one of the PowerPoint lecture slides was leaked to Gateway Pundit. The lesson schooled the students in the class on apparent engineering-based microaggressions, stating:

* Attending a lecture that only depicts the accomplishments of white men in engineering
* Stating ‘Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough’ (meritocracy)
*Mistaking a faculty of color as a graduate assistant or student; addressing them by their first name or Mr./Ms instead of Dr. or professor.
* Asking an Asian American peer for help in math under the assumption that they are/should be good in the subject area
* Choosing not to be part of a team with peers that don’t look like you


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What the hell does race have with electrons and binary code?

I consider these creepy MicroAggressionists macros.