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Rhode Island Priest: Vote for Hillary puts ‘immortal soul’ in peril

Rhode Island Priest: Vote for Hillary puts ‘immortal soul’ in peril

“My friends, my name is Father Bob Marciano and GOD approves this message!”

There are some strong feelings out there about Hillary Clinton, particularly since she announced during the debate that abortion was good to go at any time during the pregnancy, even in the 9th month, and her campaign aides were caught in a Wikileaks email dump bashing Catholics.

One priest in Rhode Island had some choice words.

The Providence Journal reports, Warwick priest: A vote for Clinton would put ‘immortal soul’ in peril (h/t John DePetro):

The Rev. Robert L. Marciano did not just bring his disdain for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the pulpit, he told his parishioners at St. Kevin Roman Catholic Church in Warwick that: “GOD approves this message!”

“Let’s be clear,” Father Marciano told his flock on Oct. 16 [pdf]. “She, her party, and her leaders (including the current administration of these past eight years) hate us. They hate Catholics. … They hate everything that we stand for and the virtues and values that we hold as sacred.”

“I am no fan of Mr. Trump and the recent media firestorm over his inappropriate and vulgar words is reprehensible,” the priest said. “But he is not running for pope!”

And “I cannot vote for Mrs. Clinton since my immortal soul would be in peril by cooperating in the destruction of innocent human life,” he said.

Here is the entire speech:

Rev. Robert L. Marciano – Voting for Hillary Imperils Immortal Soul by Legal Insurrection on Scribd


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Mrs. Bill Clinton is a traitor to our country. Anyone who votes for her is a traitor, too.