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Recent Harvard Law Grad argues term “defamation” is “deeply sexist, racist, and whorephobic”

Recent Harvard Law Grad argues term “defamation” is “deeply sexist, racist, and whorephobic”

And “free speech” might be racist

Let’s face it, this is where the left is ultimately headed with policies like speech codes, microaggressions and trigger warnings. Changing the language as a political tool.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

HLS Graduate Explores Discriminatory History Of Popularly Cited Legal Terms

Kendra K. Albert, an affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, urged audience members at a Harvard Law School event Tuesday to examine critically the use of legal terminology in casual settings outside the court of law.

Albert defined these “legal talismans” as “a legal term of art, out of place, invoked to make or justify substantive decisions that do not involve formal legal processes.”

Albert, a 2016 Law School graduate, cited free speech and defamation as two examples of terms that individuals and organizations frequently cite outside legal contexts to defend their non-legal decisions. They added that the use of “legal talismans” leads individuals to lose sight of the often discriminatory history of the laws they are casually referencing.

“Defamation’s gorgeous traditional design hides deeply sexist, racist, and whorephobic, which means ‘anti-sex worker,’ connotations,” Albert said.

Albert, who uses the gender pronoun “they,” explained that, historically, laws have criminalized calling a woman an adulterer, a straight person gay, and a white person black as defamation…

“I really liked when [Albert] started to unpack all these cultural meanings behind the terms ‘defamation’ or even ‘free speech,’ that there was a sexist bias, a racist bias behind those legal terms that you use constantly,” Bellon said.


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That “recent Harvard graduate” sounds like “they” would have been better off taking that tuition money and investing in something else…

And ANYONE who thinks we’re going to stop this without shooting them is hopelessly naive.

nordic_prince | October 16, 2016 at 9:19 pm

Harvard still has “Veritas” on its shield? How quaint. Too bad they no longer subscribe to their own motto ~

she’s a raving, over-educated, under-informed idiot.