Pro-illegal immigrant protestors blocked the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday morning, blocking rush hour traffic into New York City from New Jersey for about 90 minutes.

The Laundry Workers Center, an organization that wants to improve the living and working conditions of those in the laundry and food industries, put on the protest. Yeah, because nothing screams safety like chaining yourselves to each other on a busy NYC bridge.

Of course they faced anger from those trying to drive into the city since the protestors caused more congestion than the drivers already face:

“Get the f— out of the road, are you f—–g kidding me?” one man is seen yelling at the protesters.

“Get the hell out of here, you want to go protest, protest on your own time,” another man said. reported that the protestors demanded “equal rights for immigrants” and “political power for marginalized communities.”

Police arrested ten people.

But blocking traffic goes way beyond making people late for work or school. As Professor Jacobson pointed out in March, these types of protests prevent emergency vehicles from getting through. In one anti-Israel protest, a car with a distressed child could not get through for treatment.


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