Stoner students in Massachusetts are in for some harsh news. Even if the state legalizes pot, it still won’t be allowed at colleges.

The Boston Globe reports:

Sorry, dude. If Mass. legalizes marijuana, you can’t use it on campus

Massachusetts colleges and universities say even if voters legalize marijuana in next month’s referendum, using the drug anywhere on campus, including in dorm rooms, will remain forbidden.

Question 4 would eliminate penalties for possessing, using, or purchasing marijuana starting Dec. 15 and would allow recreational shops to open in 2018.

But marijuana would be legal just for people 21 and over, a group that excludes most college students. And consumption in public places would still be banned.

Colleges and universities say they won’t permit consumption even in private spaces on campus, such as dorm rooms. That’s because almost all schools get federal funding and, therefore, must comply with federal law, under which marijuana remains illegal.