Remember when holidays like Halloween were fun? The left has a talent for ruining everything, don’t they?

Campus Reform reports:

Penn State to costume-shame students with poster campaign

Taking a swing at “cultural appropriation,” Penn State’s University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) unanimously approved a “We’re a Culture Not a Costume” resolution.

The resolution calls on the UPUA to discourage offensive Halloween costumes by displaying posters featuring individuals of different cultures holding up pictures of someone in a costume that they feel is offensive to their culture.

One poster from the 2012 edition of the campaign, for instance, shows a despondent-looking Asian male standing in front of a translucent image of an Asian college student balancing a bowl of rice atop a large stack of textbooks, while another features an annoyed white male juxtaposed against a banjo-playing hillbilly.

The “We’re a Culture Not a Costume” campaign was started in 2011 at Ohio University, and while the posters have gotten some praise, they have also been relentlessly mocked with parodies, particularly in response to the 2011 campaign, which employed the slogan “This is NOT who I am, and this is NOT okay,” along with individuals holding photos of cultural stereotypes.

Featured image is a screen cap.


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