It has been fun to watch the countless meltdowns in academia caused by Trump during this election. The latest instance happened at Ohio University.

The College Fix reports:

Students write ‘Build the wall’ on free speech wall, Ohio U. president freaks out (again)

Pro-Trump sentiments are ‘wrong purpose’ for wall

Ohio University students might be forced to undergo “cultural awareness training” because some students publicly support Donald Trump’s candidacy.

President Roderick McDavis asked the Student Senate last night to design such a program, which he has already approved, The New Political reports.

It would be “a collaboration between Faculty and Student Senate, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and will be a method of reinforcing an inclusive atmosphere in Athens”:

McDavis addressed the issue of the offensive comments on the graffiti wall. He maintained his belief in freedom of speech, but denounced the current way the wall is used.

“It’s a wall where we put up our ideas,” McDavis said. “In my opinion, it has been used for the wrong purpose.”