Frank Drebin would be so proud of his namesake . . . It was one of those classic “nothing to see here, move along” moments. On today’s Morning Joe, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, saying that there was no new terrain broached in FBI Director James Comey’s letter of this past Friday, claimed “it won’t move people away from” voting for Hillary Clinton.

Bruni also praised the “incredibly rapid and thorough mobilization of the Clinton campaign and their allies” in getting headlines to mention Comey as much as Clinton, and to question whether the FBI Director did the right thing. Lost on Bruni was the irony that chief among those Clinton campaign “allies” are members of the liberal media who write the headlines. You know: allies such as . . . Frank Bruni.

Note: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski repeatedly noted that the Clinton campaign had refused to send any surrogates onto the show this morning. Example: “I would like to point out once again that we’ve made numerous efforts to have members of the Clinton campaign, top surrogates, top Democrats, whoever will come on, come on the show. And please try and help us get through this story. But they are not making themselves available.”

Note Segundo: Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway did appear, flatly and confidently predicting “we are going to win the election.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Frank, what’s your take on the impact on the race, ten days out?

FRANK BRUNI: I don’t think this is going to have as big of an impact as everybody else thinks. I mean, if this were a whole new frontier of criticism about Hillary Clinton, if this was a kind of criticism about her we hadn’t heard before.

JOE: If this was George W. Bush’s DUI back in: that had an impact.

BRUNI: This is the same terrain we have been on for weeks and months and really a year now: the emails. It don’t think it’s going to move people away from her.

I think also I have seldom seen a campaign do as quick and concerted a job of changing the focus as the Clinton campaign has done. If you look at the headlines over the last 48 hours, as many of those headlines have name Comey in them as have the name Clinton. When we’re writing the history of this election and how the last two weeks played out, we’ll be talking about the incredibly rapid and thorough mobilization of the Clinton campaign and their allies in terms of turning the focus of the story into whether James Comey did the right thing.


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