North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmum, the officer paper of the Workers’ Party of Korea, has lashed out at South Korean President Park Geun Hye after she encouraged North Koreans to move to her country:

“It’s ridiculous and foolish that Park Geun Hye flutters her feet to smear our dignified leader’s reputation with infamy by persisting hallucinations in her head as an established fact.

“Park Geun Hye has the gall to ignore the reality within her grasp and to doggishly and overtly utter ravings . . . encouraging defection. There is no such a barefaced and impudent bitch elsewhere.”

President Park told North Koreans that South Korea knows “of the gruesome realities they face.” She promised to “keep the road open for you to find hope and live a new life. Please come to the bosom of freedom in the South whenever you want.”