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MSNBC Deletes Scarborough Criticism of NBC’s ‘Cooked’ Poll Helping Hillary

MSNBC Deletes Scarborough Criticism of NBC’s ‘Cooked’ Poll Helping Hillary

Scarborough’s Accusation that NBC Poll ‘Could Not Have Been Cooked More’ Mysteriously Disappears

During the opening 6AM segment of today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough accused NBC of having “cooked” its current poll to favor Hillary Clinton. But at 8AM when Morning Joe replayed that opening segment, Scarborough’s criticism of the NBC poll . . . had disappeared. Instead, the video jumped ahead to Mika Brzezinski’s reading of the poll results themselves, which showed Hillary Clinton with an 11-14% lead.

Scarborough’s point was that NBC sampled only during the height of the hot mic hysteria, but didn’t include sampling from after the debate, widely viewed as having been won by Trump. Joe obviously knew he was skating on thin network ice, prefacing his criticism by saying “we work here. We really love working here. We love this place.”

This certainly smells like MSNBC censorship, done to protect both NBC and its pro-Hillary poll. In the video clip, you’ll see the original 6AM segment, containing Scarborough’s criticism, followed by what aired at 8AM, which omitted the criticism and jumped to Mika’s reading of the highly-favorable-to-Hillary poll results.

Note: Joe seems to be correct about the timing of the poll. The hot mic story broke on Friday, October 7th. As per this NBC article, the polling was conducted on October 8-9, at the height of the controversy. The debate didn’t end until 10:30PM on the night of October 9th, an hour at which NBC would presumably no longer have been polling.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: So, this new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll–we work here, we really love working here, we love this place–they take the poll the second the [hot mic] crisis starts, and they stop it right before the debate. It could not have been cooked more to get the result they got.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: It was cooked!

JOE: I’m just saying, the point you put it. It’s just ridiculous: we’re going to put this at the height of the scandal.

MIKA: Wouldn’t you wait until after [the debate]?

JOE: And so they get a 14-point lead. Wouldn’t you do it after the debate?

MARK HALPERIN: I think they kept going.

JOE: No, no, no. I looked at the fine print and it said they took it once the scandal started, but before the debate.


MIKA: An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken over the weekend shows Hillary Clinton in the lead nationally among likely voters by 11 points: 46% to 35%, in a four-way race with Gary Johnson at 9% and Jill Stein at 2%. In a two-way race, the gap is even larger. Clinton ahead by 14 points, 52 to 38. That is a seven-point swing, my friends, in her direction.


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A poll tweaked? Impossible. This is America. Must have been Russian hackers.

    Anonamom in reply to jack burns. | October 11, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    You made me choke on my coffee!

    I think “Russian hackers” in relation to political intrigue is becoming the equivalent “the Amish” in relation to crime.

A little bit of backdrop to this: “some” news agencies have unofficially threatened their employees against making anything like positive statements about Trump. Curiously, this is hard to find at more direct sources.

Democrat operatives with bylines. #Thefixisin

You mean this poll?

FWIW Hart Research Associates was paid (August 2016) over $220,000 by Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC, and Hart president, Geoff Garin is a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election.

Nothing wrong there! /

We all know that that media has declared nuclear war on Trump!

We all know that that democrats, establishment republicans and Hollywood has declared nuclear war on Trump!

One of the biggest threats to our nation is the vile media!
They are a true enemy of our freedom!!

Well, for all the grousing in high places, one has to admit that Trump is a unifier. They’re always moaning that we need somebody who can “bring the country together”. And so he has; all the rich, powerful, well-connected, and well-connected wannabes are cooperating to stop him.

The only group not solidly in on the plot are the voters.

This is pretty disgusting. NBC knew they had the video for a long time (and they and others probably have more lined up). Wikileaks shows a lot of coordination between NBC and Clinton. They dump the tape AFTER helping Trump win the nomination, which per Wikileaks was the Clinton desired outcome (the only way she could win). Everyone thought the easy coverage of trump was all about the ratings, but was it really? Once the candidate Clinton prefers is nominated, NBC coordinates the leak of the tape to obliterate a Wikileaks release and to hit late in the campaign before a key debate. Then NBC immediately polls to determine what they have achieved, gets the desired results, and releases the results before the poll is completed to tamp down talk of Trump having won the debate. I used to think I was paraniod about the media and the Dems. Wikileaks proved otherwise.

why does anyone believe what NBC has to say anyways, look how much they have distorted the new in the past, not the most reliable, or trust worthy source.

Joe Scarborough, I hope the side action you’re getting with Mika is worth the price you’ve paid in credibility.

    Mark Finkelstein in reply to Demonized. | October 11, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Demonized, I’m confused by your comment. It’s true that Joe sometimes tilts left, and certainly anti-Trump.

    But today, Joe and Mika both criticized NBC for being unfair to Trump!

Taking the poll right after the scandal and before the debate (that Trump was expected to lose) is not the same as “cooking” a poll, even if the timeframe was chosen strategically.

Something of interest. I was trying to find Paul Ryan’s twitter.
Just to mage sure I used the right tag.

I found it all. All tweets are now private.

Here is what I said before ,does anyone notice that Hillary never moves up or down ,she stays at 42 to 46%
Does anyone really believe Johnson and Stein will get 11% .
Why is it when Hillary is leading it is always because Trump has fallen .She moves upward fractionally.
Does anyone believe there is really 8% undecided.
I do not believe people are that fickel .
Also counting 5 days not one mention on CBS CNN any major of Hillary’s Wickileaks email and racist speech.
Yet some of the nothingburger releases are being brought up

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to dmi60ex. | October 11, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Actually, now has Clinton @ 49.1. So she has moved up. 538 is the Gold Standard until proven otherwise.

    And the bookies now have Clinton between 1/5 and 1/6. Ouch! If you are so sure Trump will win, find someone in another country and bet your bottom dollar – I have relatives in Canada and placed a decent bet on Clinton when it got close in September.

    I just read FoxNews’ “7 biggiest Wikileaks revelations”. Sorry, not much there. Yeah, Hillary is for free trade. Good. So was the Republican party. So is Trump when it comes to running his businesses.

    Trump would be close with the banks, too. But he stiffed them with all his bankruptcies and especially when he wriggled out of his personal commitments by loading them onto the public corporations. The public corporations didn’t even get the depreciation or tax loses. Trump kept them along with ‘management fees’. He must have been 1 hell of a manager to run 3 casinos into the ground and walk away with millions for himself.

    BTW, there is a story today that Trump bought Chinese Steel through BVI shell corporations for his recent projects. Opps! See, the reason he bought them through shells was to hide them while romancing the rust belt. I guess he grabbed them by the genitals, too.

    Yep, Trump is going to make America Great, Again – if he can figure out a way to make a profit out of it.

      “538 is the Gold Standard until proven otherwise”

      Otherwise has been proven completely over the last year and a half. keep your eyes closed.

        OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to Barry. | October 12, 2016 at 1:02 am

        The primaries are a different kettle of fish. In the General, 538 got 1 state wrong in the last 2 Presidential elections. 538 was quite accurate in 2010 & 2014, too. Unskewed polls did make a return engagement. I wonder why.

        RCP thinks it is out of the woods, too.

        But I don’t see much reason to argue about it. You can make up whatever you wish, but Trump will be blaming anybody but himself withing the month.

        Oh yeah, the bookies have it wrong, too. They get it right 100% of the time, but they don’t stay in business if they keep getting it wrong.

        like I said, you can get 4 or 5 to 1 on Trump RIGHT NOW. Someone as worldly as you, must know someone who can place a bet for you.

        I love it when the facts cannot be ignored and ‘faith based’ just doesn’t cut it. Not that it matters. You guys will be spinning a new tale by Nov 9.

          “The primaries are a different kettle of fish.”

          And you’re a blithering idiot.

          The primaries were difficult, and 538 was always wrong. In the two elections were you think he is the “gold standard”, any freshman polysci student with one arm tied behind their back could have done just as well.

          So, we can safely say, according to a blithering idiot, 538 is the “gold standard” when anyone could get it right, and the primaries are a different kettle of fish, just too difficult for the statisticians at 538. They play people like you pretty well however.

    The 8% undecided is probably undecided + other. I hear McMullin is now outpolling Stein.
    I do believe Stein will get her 3%. The Greens think that Trump is the candidate they can oppose and replace in 2020. Libertarians? Don’t know.

NBC/WSJ post-debate poll (4-way race):

*Clinton: 46%
*Trump: 37%


11:01 AM – 11 Oct 2016

Welp, now your can’t bitch about when the snap-shot was taken.

It tolls for thee….

    I don’t know if you’re capable of understanding the polling metrics, but looking closely at them, and knowing who conducted the poll might just give you a clue.

“Last week at an off-the-record lunch meeting in Washington, Trump adviser Paul Manafort told Senate Republican chiefs of staff that the Trump campaign wants to be helpful to GOP senators in tough races, according to three sources in the room. Manafort said if there are issues that put GOP senators in awkward positions, the Trump campaign would seek to avoid those touchy topics while campaigning in their states, attendees said.”

But THAT was the THEN Mr. Establishment…

NOT the NOW Donelle T-wamp, thin-skinned pubescent mean girl.

Anybody having trouble keeping up…???

I think we’ve had quite enough of this, Jack. Baiting Rags and then whining when he hits back twice as hard is silly and pointless. You, I truly believe, are far far better than that.

Rush said it was cooked so it must be so. Why those dirty dogs shortened the time period to six days to get a poll sample that would represent just the effect of #pussygate and leave off the the effect of Sunday’s debate.

Somehow Rush didn’t read Nate Silver’s analysis that pointed out that about half the polls only had results from two days after the video and five days
before. Even so the Clinton chance for victory rose to 87.5% on FiveThirtyEight’s now-cast method and 83.5% on polls only.