As we’re focused on possible corruption, collusion, and careless handling of classified information in which a presidential candidate may be involved, the U. S. Attorney’s office is going after equally gross miscarriages of justice.  Or not.

Fox News reports:

Federal prosecutors say a North Carolina judge has been convicted of bribery after he offered Bud Light and cash to an officer in exchange for text messages from his wife’s cellphone because he suspected she was cheating on him.

The U.S. Attorney’s office said Friday that a jury deliberated for 33 minutes before finding Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II guilty of paying a bribe and other charges.

Prosecutors say Jones asked a Wayne County deputy, who is also a member of an FBI gang task force, to get him copies of the text messages in October 2015, even though the law prevents him from receiving them.

Jones offered “a couple of cases of beer” to the officer but ultimately agreed to hand over $100 instead, according to the indictment.