Everything is awful. EVERYTHING.

Not even ‘Jeopardy!’ is safe from the tentacles of spoiled, overly-sensitive, entitled brats neo-feminism.

According to HuffPo, “mansplaining” made its ‘Jeopardy!’ debut on October 19.

The segment is here:

Like most neo-feminsist ideals, “mansplaining” unfairly and categorically maligns men, while pretending women are never condescending. The entire premise of mansplaining is based on the assumption that condescending men are so because they are speaking to a woman, and fails to consider other variables.

There’s no such word to describe a condescending female degrading a male counterpart. Am I supposed to believe never has there been a condescending, rude woman? The absence of “womansplaining” or some such term implies as much. But we all know that’s a crock of hooey.

Sometimes people are rude. Sometimes people are dumb. Never have a I met an American man who treated women poorly because of their gender. Do chauvinists exist? Statistically, they have to. Are they representative of the whole of mandom? Absolutely not. But that’s how modern progressivism works — pretend a minuscule minority is representative of the majority.

And as for ‘Jeopardy!’ buying into this garbage? ‘Sean Connery’ said it best in an SNL rendition of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’:

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