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Indiana Investigating Possible Voter Fraud

Indiana Investigating Possible Voter Fraud

Rigged election?

Indiana officials have started an investigation into possible voter fraud after people noticed their voter registration cards had incorrect information. Secretary of State Connie Lawson released this statement:

“We ran a report in the Statewide Voter Registration System and found thousands of dates of births and first names were changed. These records were changed on paper forms, at the BMV and online. At this time, my office is not sure why these records were changed, but we have evaluated the Statewide Voter Registration System and have found no indication it has been compromised. We believe this may be a case of voter fraud and have turned our findings over to the State Police, who are currently conducting an investigation into alleged voter fraud.”

The voters found the mistakes when they checked their information at People have to input their name and date of birth, but if either one is wrong, they cannot view their registration, which makes them think they are no longer registered:

Voters who find their date of birth or first name is incorrect on their registration will still be able to vote in the November 8th General Election. Voters who explore entering different dates of birth may discover their record. They would then be able to correct their date of birth for their voting record on The correction will not take place until 30 days after the election, but the voter will be able to vote on November 8th or participate in early voting. All voters are encouraged to vote early to ensure they will not encounter any issues when casting their ballot this year. Voters with questions can call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 1-866-IN-1-VOTE.

The Indiana State Police have already started an investigation into voter fraud in 56 counties, which led the police to raid the “Indiana Voter Registration Project, a subsidiary operation of the Patriot Majority US, a non profit advocacy organization.”

As of now, they do not have confirmation if the cases are related:

“(T)he changing of a first name and/or date of birth is consistent with what we are seeing on a number of voter registration applications submitted by (the Indiana Voter Registration Project),” Indiana State Police said in a statement to CNN.

Patriot Majority US has said investigators have unfairly targeted them and it’s all a part of a Republican conspiracy to squash the African American vote. They even submitted a report to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.

But Julia Vaughn, the policy director of the nonpartisan government watchdog group Common Cause Indiana, urged Lawson to make sure that fraud actually caused the mishap instead of software malfunction:

“There is almost no history of this kind of fraud here so her response helps to fuel irrational claims by Donald Trump and others that the election will be stolen through voter fraud,” Vaughn said.


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Indiana, Texas, Florida. . . No voter fraud huh?

So, when do the people rise up against the Democrat machine?

    OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to OldSarg. | October 19, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    i don’t know about TX or FL, but you are jumping to conclusions since the investigation is ongoing.

    ” At this time, my office is not sure why these records were changed”

    “While the secretary of state’s office did not indicate if officials believe the two investigations of possible voter fraud are related, the police said they will seek to see if there is a “specific connection.”” from link in article.

    So what do you know that the police, BMV and Secretary of State don’t know?

      Just ask Obama, remember what he said about the IRS who we know singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny. This effected about 426 organizations.

      Obama said: “Not even mass corruption — not even a smidgen of corruption.”

      There is no voter fraud, just ask any democrat.

        OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to Common Sense. | October 19, 2016 at 5:07 pm

        I am still waiting for anyone, here, to explain how they know it was fraud and that it was fraud by Democrats considering that the State of Indiana has not reached that conclusion and has not charged, let alone, convicted anyone.

        An article or a link that explains the alleged fraud or voter suppression or whatever?

        “rising up against the Democrat(sic) machine” seems premature. It might be the Repugnican machine that is committing fraud.

          Inhale…….exhale orda. Remember the latest O’Keefe video’s? The democratic tactics to start riots and blame Trump? Guess which team this group belongs to…..

          Political leanings: Democratic/liberal

          Spending target: Unknown

          Democratic political strategist Craig Varoga founded Patriot Majority in December 2005 under the name “America Back on Track,” a political organization formed under Section 527 of the IRS code. The name was changed twice within months of its forming — first to Patriot Majority Fund and then simply to Patriot Majority. Varoga has formed several related political organizations over the years — including Patriot Majority PAC in 2009 and Patriot Majority USA in 2011.

          Varoga, who is the president of Patriot Majority, runs a political consulting firm, Varoga & Associates, and serves as chief strategist for Senate Majority PAC. His resume also includes managing former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack’s presidential campaign in the 2008 election, and serving as chief strategist in 2010 for Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s re-election campaign.

          At its inception, Patriot Majority was involved in the 2006 Massachusetts governor’s race. Its first contribution was $50,000 in June 2006 from 1199 SEIU Political Action Fund, and the Patriot Majority groups have been heavily funded by labor unions ever since.

          Headed by Varoga, the group’s 990 disclosure form filed with the IRS lists two other long-time Democratic operatives as board members — Bill Burke, a Democratic strategist who runs a nonprofit that focuses on redistricting fights (funded by AFSCME and other unions) and Joe Householder, a strategist who previously worked as Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson.

          From my reading, there was something suspicious which was reported and investigated. If it was just a few changes since the primaries, then no big deal and the election board could have resolved the issue. But since was in the thousands of instances and the submitting party was one organization, then the election board & I have questions about what is happening. I would classify this as fraud, though the persons committing that fraud need to be determined.

          Something happened to trigger this investigation. Did a change to a name or birthdate cause a new card to be mailed to the address on record? Were people just curious enough to check the online records, like I was after reading this story?

          As noted below, I checked online for my voter registration and I would suggest that everyone also check what is available on their state’s website. I want to vote in person this year, but I sure will check to see if an absentee ballot has been requested in “my name”.

          In my state,your registration remains active for so many years. If you miss voting a certain number of elections, a note to check for address changes and ID is noted in the voting book where you sign to get a ballot. Eventually, you are dropped from the rolls after missing MANY elections. I know this because my voting location was changed and I got three cards – two were for previous owners of my home. I could not get them off the rolls – only they could certify that they had moved or they had to miss so many elections. I could have committed voter fraud by giving the cards to friends to vote in my area. I just carried the cards and checked every election register. But, even with our voter ID laws, possession of a free voter registration card is valid. I do not have to show a picture ID.

          OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to OnlyRightDissentAllowed. | October 19, 2016 at 6:19 pm

          @4fun inhale … exhale? I am not the one running around screaming about voter fraud. My breathing is just fine.

          O’Keefe is a fraud. I remember him from the misleading editing and misleading narratives. Nothing he ever produces will prove anything unless he turns over the raw footage to an independent source. You may have noticed that nothing but right-wings sites are paying him any attention, anymore. Heard the fable about the ‘Boy who cried Wolf’?

          Link #1 – NOT A WORD ABOUT FRAUD
          Link #2 – NOT A WORD ABOUT FRAUD

          Thanks for the education. Craig Varoga seems like a good egg, doing god’s work. Fighting unfair redistricting. Registering voters. Imagine, they are funded by unions! I like it.

          It seems to me that this is more likely to be voter suppression of Democrats. If you alter their forms, their ID won’t match and they will be rejected. That seems the most likely reason. But like you, I don’t know anything and this article has not enlightened me.

          WHERE IS THE BEEF? WHERE IS THE FRAUD? IN and TX aren’t even swing states. I guess you are just getting ready to make excuses for backing a grifter for President.

          OnlyRightDissentAllowed in reply to OnlyRightDissentAllowed. | October 19, 2016 at 7:22 pm

          @Liz Look, I agree there is something suspicious. But there are some important missing facts that would shine a light on who was doing what.

          Were any altered forms found in the raided site? If not, then maybe some else – not necessarily the liberal organization did it elsewhere. Maybe they were set up by the tipster? I am not trying to deflect. The article says there was a raid but not that they found anything. I know that they don’t always announce what they found, but this is a highly publicized case. What did they find?

          What party was on the registration forms? This was an attempt to suppress votes by invalidating the registrations. If a liberal organization collected registrations and invalidated the republican ones, you have them dead to rights. If it was democratic forms, then someone conservative got a hold of them in the bureaucracy and tried to suppress democrats. If it was mixed, who the hell knows! Maybe it was some bored ahole. Let the investigation play out before jumping to conclusions.

          Some guy on this site gave me a link to a report on Wisconsin 2012. But it was bogus. He claimed the US Attorney, local District Attorney and the Madison Detective Bureau were in on the case. It turned out that all of the above disavowed the report. The report was put out on a no name site by a single detective. He could have been a lone wolf honest cop. But the disavowals all had strong justifications for denying the report. On top of that, the report listed them in the letterhead. That is a sign of dishonesty. He could have written a preamble saying I started with all of the above, but they backed out. But he just listed them like they approved of his product. This is tiresome.

          BTW, In my state, the strike you from the rolls after missing 2 presidential elections. I get a postcard for every primary and election. I always bring it because the voting place has multiple stations. I have no idea what happens if I move. I would probably file a change of address with the post office. So I guess I could double vote. But to claim it is a widespread practice needs proof.

          In 2000, Florida purged thousands of legitimate voters in predominantly Democratic areas. There were also long lines in Democratic areas. Some people waited 8 hours! Maybe some left. Bush got to be President. Gore said stand down. We did.

          Hey there ORDA!

          I agree that there are lots of points to be answered on this registration issue. But, I prefer that they occur before the election so people can question what’s happening and check on their right to vote. If this happens after the election, then there could be “what difference does it make” as well as “don’t worry, we’ll fix it” – yea right…. and somehow we are still talking about voter fraud issues.

          Re 2000 FL – in my state, there is a state board, but the counties are also responsible for what happens. I think the entire state uses the same voting system (paper, fill in the circle, optical scan of the ballot which is in the box for recount, if necessary). The counties figure out where to vote, manage the paper, people etc.

          So, concerning FL – wasn’t it the counties that decided on the ballots and machines and process and not the state? So, a (D) run county is responsible for what happened, right? I also remember that the news stations forgot that FL has 2 time zones, so they called the state for Gore, which may have impacted the voting in the central time zone part of the state, which was primarily (R).

          My aunt lived in Lee County Fl and passed away in August 2004. I knew she had requested an absentee ballot so I called to find out what I needed to do to stop the process. They already knew she was dead (the newspapers) and removed her from the voting rolls. So some parts of Florida are efficient!

          O’Keefe is a fraud.
          Is this what CRT told you is their official reply and to go to the sites and post it for extra pay orda?

          You probably didn’t watch either video. You must have missed Foval saying “You know what? We’ve been busing people in, to deal with you fuckin’ assholes for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now”.

          Or how about Foval saying “We did the exact same thing. Only, we MANIPULATED the vote with money and action, not with laws.”

          Don’t take your mother to the governors house, you’d probably not be welcomed back.

Gee isn’t that the same group that used to go by the name ACORN?

I went to my state election board website to check on the ballot questions and checked my information. Yes, I’m there and, like Indiana, all I had to do was put in my name and birth date.

What was interesting was that there was a box that tracked absentee ballot info – request, mailed, returned, approved or rejected and reason for rejection. Since there is an application for absentee ballot on the website, there is a possibility for fraud by having the ballot sent to another address. In my state, you have your absentee ballot notarized (fill out the ballot, seal in envelope #1, place in envelope #2 which you sign and that is notarized, envelope #3 is for mailing. Fee for notary is free. There are rules for notaries to reduce fraud at nursing homes and such.)

So, I have a to-do for the day after the deadline for absentee – go to check to see if anyone requested one in my name.

Now, I get to research the seven state questions. Anyone know about “right to farm”? Does it help the family farm or the corporate farm?

    Zhinlo in reply to Liz. | October 19, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Hey Liz,

    The right to farm is usually a set of laws prohibiting local cities, municipalities, townships, counties, etc. from passing ordinances which restrict your ability to own or operate a farm. It is not completely exclusive of zoning… you still need to be zoned agricultural to farm. But, these laws prohibit what would generally be nuisance ordinances — such as relating to noise or odor — from the closing down farming operations which are often quite unpleasant when residential development encroaches upon the farm.

    I don’t know if this helps family farms or corporate farms better than the other. I suspect it helps all farmers equally, since the point is basically to prevent the arbitrary closing of the farm when wealthy residential neighbors decide they don’t like the smell anymore.

    There may also be some tax advantages conferred, such that farms are not arbitrarily broken up and sold off piecewise as subdivisions.

    One of the more interesting cases comes from urban farming — such in Detroit — which intersect… oddly… with right to farm laws. Naturally, this leads municipalities to disfavor urban farming because they can no longer retain control — or as much control — over the property. De-urbanization is actually fairly interesting, because it’s not a process that happens very often. However, I’m sure a few more decades of progressive government will have us all living in farm houses again — depending on rain water to drink, and small windmills to generate enough power to light our flashlights. The joys of (D) for all.

      Liz in reply to Zhinlo. | October 19, 2016 at 8:56 pm

      Hey – good points. Here is the ballot question…
      “The new Section creates state constitutional rights. It creates the following guaranteed rights to engage in farming and ranching: • The right to make use of agricultural technology, • The right to make use of livestock procedures, and • The right to make use of ranching practices. These constitutional rights receive extra protection under this measure that not all constitutional rights receive. This extra protection is a limit on lawmakers’ ability to interfere with the exercise of these rights. Under this extra protection, no law can interfere with these rights, unless the law is justified by a compelling state interest-a clearly identified state interest of the highest order. Additionally, the law must be necessary to serve that compelling state interest.”

      The key points seem to be that “rights receive extra constitutional rights that not all constitutional rights receive” as well as the phrase “compelling state interest” to be able to change something. The TV ads on both sides are all showing the “family farmer” explaining why this is good or bad. I suspect that this benefits the corporate farm since we have a lot of pig & chicken farms and I am sure they would love to limit the state in controlling pollution. The pro ads always mention PETA as an influence as well as other states who have enacted a similar law. The con ads mention the hog farms as well as those minor points of “extra protection” and “compelling state interests” as “what the heck does that mean?”

      I’m sure that every state has some of these frustrating ballot questions. I think the state atty general had an impact on the ballot wording since some of them just jump out to you and make you want to scream NO!

Henry Hawkins | October 19, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Snipe hunt. Ebberbuddy know ain’t no voter fraud.