On a morning when the political news has been drowned out—so to speak—by the hurricane coverage, I decided to pop over to Hillary’s official website, where I checked out her “Immigration Reform” webpage. And to look at it, a person could be excused for thinking that Hillary was running for president of Mexico, not the US.

The banner is of Hillary hugging what appears to be a young Latino girl, in front of a wall festooned with posters reading “Estoy contigo.” Translation: “I’m with you.” So when it comes to immigration, Hillary’s not with Americans worried about losing jobs and the culture at large to immigrants. She’s with the illegal immigrants themselves.

And Hillary’s promises are a laundry list of pro-immigrant proposals: full and equal citizenship introduced in first 100 days, end three- and ten-year waiting periods for citizenship; defends Obama’s [unconstitutional] executive actions on immigration; enforce immigration laws “humanely”: meaning, in the most lax manner possible; let illegals qualify for Obamacare; promote naturalization.

Only in passing do we find a brief pledge to “protect our border”–but with no details–perhaps Hillary has in mind to make borders safer for illegals crossing them.

Hillary is selling out the American people in order to flood the US with illegals and to get them naturalized and voting ASAP. As some wag said: “they’re not illegals. They’re undocumented Democrats.”

Something for all those hesitating to support Trump to consider.