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Harvard Hires Replacement Workers to Fill in for Striking Cafeteria Staffers

Harvard Hires Replacement Workers to Fill in for Striking Cafeteria Staffers

Liberal news outlet outraged.

The liberal news site “The Daily Beast” has a decidedly different view on this situation which amounts to something along the lines of make the rich pay.

From their report:

Starving Harvard Hires Scabs to Replace Striking Cafeteria Workers

Harvard is hiring. Applicants must be willing to work for free in the dining halls.

On Monday, the Ivy League school entered the sixth day of its standoff with dining hall workers, who have gone on strike for the first time in over 30 years. The cafeteria staff are demanding affordable health care and base pay of $35,000 for year-round workers. But workers and Harvard negotiators can’t come to an agreement. And while dining hall workers strike for better wages, Harvard is hiring scabs.

After nearly six months of bargaining with the university, cafeteria staff walked out on Wednesday. In anticipation of a strike, Harvard allegedly stockpiled three days’ worth of frozen foods. But now on the strike’s sixth day, students say they’re living on undercooked chicken prepared by untrained strikebreakers while administrators scour the faculty for any employees willing to serve breakfast.

The university is “actively seeking for volunteers all across campus,” an email from Harvard’s Campus Services implored. The email, obtained by the Harvard Crimson clarified that only employees who were not paid hourly and did not qualify for overtime would be allowed to work for free in the dining halls.

If Harvard agrees to pay dining services workers $35,000 a year today, they’ll be paying them $50,000 a year before you know it. This is the problem with the left. They think this is a career job.


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