This Insurrectionist finds Mark Halperin to be among the most cautious and level-headed of pundits. The With All Due Respect host typically avoids wild speculation and is generally of the on-the-one-hand and on the other school of analysis.

So it was striking that on today’s Morning Joe, Halperin, with some prodding from Joe Scarborough, suggested that Donald Trump might be planning a big October surprise in the nature of a “revelation” about Hillary Clinton. One sensed that Halperin had some inside knowledge of the situation, though all he mentioned in support of his theory is that Trump is surrounded by people such as David Bossie, who has spent a quarter-century investigating the Clintons’ personal lives.

Note: His sober mien notwithstanding, Halperin does occasionally have his wild hair, as when he was once suspended for calling President Obama a “dick.’

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So Trump, what’s he up to? Is Trump leading up to something? I know you can’t say it on TV. But is he, is he —

NICOLLE WALLACE: Oh come on, give a little!

JOE: Is there going to be a conspiracy theory that Trump’s building up to?

MARK HALPERIN: Look who’s around Donald Trump right now. Dave Bossie who, you know, has investigated the Clintons for —

WALLACE: Explain who these people are.

HALPERIN: Dave Bossie is a conservative who worked for Dan Burton in the House of Representatives. He’s literally been investigating the Clinton’s personal lives for a quarter century. Kellyanne Conway has been around this stuff for a long time. Bannon has been around this stuff for a long time. So in the world of the Clintons there is reportable things and then there’s gossip. And not to mention Roger Stone! You think about the people around Trump!

JOE: So you’re saying that Trump is planning to come out with some revelation?

HALPERIN: I think he’s tempted to. And he said it at the debate. He said he would say something at the debate and then he decided at the last minute not to.

WALLACE: And he spent seven days talking about it.

HALPERIN: So between that and the Wikileaks thing —

JOE: You think there’s a build-up —

HALPERIN: Well, there’s just a possibility that the October surprise of the tax returns is going to be like the little appetizer—on both sides.


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