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Guessing this person is happy with FBI decision to reopen Hillary investigation

Guessing this person is happy with FBI decision to reopen Hillary investigation

You know you’re no longer in NY City when …

Upstate NY is a whole other world. Selkirk is near Albany, about 3 hours north of NYC.

From Winthrop:

Route 9w in Selkirk, NY – sign on business door shows that President Obama figured out also



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Clearly Hillary is not the anti-Christ. S/he is expected to be vastly competent so as to attract and deceive followers as many followers as possible.

Hillary: I did nothing wrong. The FBI has nothing on me just like the last time they tried this. I call on James Comey to release the new emails to the public.

Comey: We can’t as they are all classified.

fatolddrunkguy | October 29, 2016 at 6:01 pm

She is popular around here.

Weren’t a lot of signs for either around my county. We’re a republican county though we are getting more democrats moving in.
I’ve seen two hitlery signs, one at an intersection and one on someone’s yard.
Trump signs were also sparse but today as I was driving to various stores I saw more people had put out Trump signs and one house that had the small yard signs had gotten one of the larger banner style signs. The guy had removed his Trump signs after the p**** tape came out, but he’s probably decided hitlery should be defeated regardless.
Window decals and bumper stickers for either candidate remain a rarity around here. Pretty sure the county will go for Trump.

My informal lawn sign survey in my visit to Upstate and Western New York (Finger Lakes region) a couple of weeks ago revealed a 20/1 Trump/Hillary split (except for the Professor’s benighted Ithaca). Also lots of signs urging repeal of some anti-gun measure.

Met a wonderful retired lady NYPD cop in Conojaharie (who now runs a delightful cafe) — vocally, forcefully, and with good reason anti-Hillary.

Quite refreshing, actually.