As Adam Levick from British Media Monitor noted today, it’s often hard to tell the left-wing Guardian newspaper from parody. A column by Natalie Kon-yu about Bob Dylan’s award of the Nobel Prize in Literature proves the point.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize isn’t radical. He’s just another white male writer

This morning I woke up to the news that Bob Dylan had won the Nobel prize in literature. What’s even more galling than the fact that a singer has won an award for a literary prize is that people are calling this radical, a breath of fresh air from an otherwise stuffy institution, inspired, unconventional. Dylan has been awarded the prize for “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.

As soon after the award was announced, the permanent secretary of the Swedish academy, Sara Danius, said it had “not been a difficult decision”, and she hoped the academy would not be criticised.

But of course it will be criticised, and it should be. Giving the award to any white male writer, no matter what form he writes in, is in no way innovative or inspired. It is simply a return to the status quo – albeit in a different genre….

Giving the award to yet another white, distinguished male over more qualified women is exactly the status quo. It proves, once again, how the times just aren’t a-changin’.

One thing is for sure. Ms. Kon-yu will never get that prize.