Earlier this month, Syrian ‘refugee’ Jaber Albakr committed suicide after being arrested over a plot to bomb a Berlin airport. Now the family of the ISIS bomb plotter is suing the German government.

Alaa Albakr, the brother of the terrorist, who is seeking compensation from Germany, doesn’t believe his brother took his own life. He is basing his legal defense on Islamic teaching, as his ‘pious’ refugee-turned-terrorist brother couldn’t have killed himself because “suicide is forbidden in Islam”. Unless you plan to blow up some infidel Kuffars in the process, to be more precise.

As far as the dead terrorist’s family is concerned, there is no contradiction between 22 year-old Jaber Albakr being a member of the ISIS death cult and a die-hard follower of Islam. So much for the mainstream media and liberal politicians peddling the Islam-has-nothing-to-do-with-it fallacy.

“I’m really sure the police killed him,” Alaa Albakr told a Germany newspaper earlier this week. An autopsy conducted by German investigators has however ruled out any foul play. Germany’s state-run DW News reports:

A lawyer for Albakr’s family told German media his clients planned to launch legal action accusing Saxony’s justice system of negligence in Albakr’s death.

Leipzig-based lawyer Alexander Hübner [said] that a court should decide if authorities had acted irresponsibly by leaving the Syrian man alone in his cell after his arrest. Hübner also said the circumstances of Albakr’s suicide should be fully investigated.

Albakr was arrested on October 10, two days after he evaded police during a raid on his flat in the eastern German city of Chemnitz. The raid uncovered 1.5 kilograms of explosives.

Police had been monitoring the 22-year-old, believing he and other suspects were in contact with the “Islamic State” militant group and were in the advanced stages of planning an attack on a Berlin airport. Two days after his arrest, Albakr hanged himself in a Leipzig prison.

But the ‘grieving’ brother of the terrorist, who is now seeking financial compensation through his German lawyer, had a totally different message for the Arabic speaking audiences.

“My response as an Arab is revenge.” said Alaa Albakr in an Arabic language video message shortly after his brother’s death. “You understand me. I don’t want to say anything further. I will come as a refugee.”

This should give even the bleeding-heart German Liberals waving their “Refugees Welcome” signs a brief moment of pause. But let us not underestimate the limits of human folly or that of Leftist stupidity.

But equally remarkable is the audacity with which the enemies of the West are willing to use Wester Legal Justice System whenever its suits them. They despise and detest the West so much that they are raging to blow up the entire Western civilisation to smithereens — if that’s the last thing they ever do, but meanwhile they are happy pocketing welfare cheques in the West, using Western courts to thrust their medieval blasphemy laws, or swinging Western values as a battering ram to silence genuine criticism and Free Speech.

But we in Europe have no one to blame but ourselves. Welcome to the world where European Masochism meets Islamist Sadism.

VIDEO: Circumstances surrounding the suicide of ISIS-terrorist in German prison cell

Cover image courtesy CNN, YouTube]


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