When my super-talented colleague Mary Chastain wrote about the new tone of state Republican party ads, she posted that Hillary Clinton was the most probable winner.

She would be right if the reports we were getting weren’t being offered through a haze of “Gaslight,” a point that conservative talk show host Tammy Bruce has been making often in recent days is that the elite media is manipulating the reports to distort reality to create a very specific outcome (e.g., 3 media organizations have given their employees orders to destroy Trump).

The term comes from a classic movie, Gaslight, starring the exquisite Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, and Joseph Cotton. The premise is that years after her aunt was murdered in her home, a young woman moves back into the house with her new husband. But he has a secret to protect and drives his wife insane by asserting what she is experiencing is completely untrue.

In terms of just this election, we already had a deluge of information from Wikileaks highlighting some of the tactics being used to smash enthusiasm for Donald Trump, as it is impossible to make Hillary Clinton a more appealing candidate. Perhaps the most disturbing is the poll manipulation:

A 2008 memo revealed by WikiLeaks openly plans for oversampling. The known pattern for news polls is actual oversampling of Democrats. The memo goes to prove that it’s intentional. It openly plans for oversampling. The known pattern for news polls is actual oversampling of Democrats.

Andy Meyer Sent: Thu Jan 10 21:21:07 2008 Subject: Meet and polling design Hey, when can we meet? I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling. -Tom

SUNY Professor Helmut Norpoth, who has accurately predicted election outcomes for the last 5 election based on behavior models, says that Trump has a 87-99% chance of winning. He asserts the polls are bunk.

Based on the available data, I am inclined to agree. The polls are nothing more that the fuel for the gaslight fires.

Another gaslighting tactic the mainstream media is using is the refusal to fairly or positively present information on Trump. I noted that Trump’s speech at the Alfred E. Smith dinner deriding Clinton corruption was booed, and anticipated correctly that this would be the story that was presented. The fact that Clinton was also loudly booed was left on the cutting room floor.

To put in in perspective, a whopping 91% of the media coverage of Donald Trump has been negative. Now, as brash as his style is, his stump speeches have been rich in substance. A more professional, responsible, and reliable press would have given them fairer treatment.

In fact, here’s one so you can judge for yourself:

Hillary Clinton’s rally schedule is a little less robust than Trump’s. However, given her recent health issues and lack of charisma, that is probably a feature and not a bug. That allows the media not to cover her… because if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

I have been following the rallies closely via Youtube by watching the live feeds. Trump rallies are filled with enthusiastic, sign-waving crowds that number in the thousands. Clinton’s are substantially more subdued and smaller. Interestingly, a Tim Kaine rally in Florida was attended by only 30 people.

Don’t trust me? Try the experiment for yourself! The American people are getting a completely distorted representation of both campaigns from the media.

It is surmised that Obamacare’s substantial premium hikes will help Trump in the battleground states. Therefore, please share Kemberlee Kaye’s great pieces on this topic…because they will be among the few available.

There have been many other examples of gaslighting perpetrated by the Obama Administration and its media minions on Americans. Bill Whittle reviews some of the big ones:

Professor Jacobson projects that election 2016 may be a referendum on the media. Given all the gaslighting, I would say that the reputation of the American press, questionable before this campaign, has completely vaporized.

Talk show host Silvio Canto, Jr. and I discuss this subject in detail on today’s show.


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