If there was ever an omen about America’s possible future based on the outcome of Election 2016, then an incident occurring in a small town in Georgia is surely it!

Authorities are investigating whether a Democratic Party campaign bus illegally dumped raw sewage in Gwinnett County Tuesday morning.

According to the police report, authorities were called to the O’Reilly Auto Parts on Grayson Highway after reports that an RV was dumping its sewage into a storm drain.

A store employee told police that he watched an RV affiliated with the Democratic National Committee stop in the turn lane of Grayson Highway in front of the store.

The employee says he watched someone get out of the RV and open the sewage drain. Raw sewage then spilled onto the roadway and into the storm drain.

The fact that Team Clinton dumped the sewage into a storm drain is especially disturbing, since those drains flow into streams and rivers that find their way to the ocean. Not only are aquatic plants and animals impacted by the possible pathogens from human excrement, but those using the waterways are at risk. This is the reason Southern California beaches are closed when there is an accidental sewage release into the ocean from adjacent Tijuana!

So, based on this incident, we can conclude “environmental protection” is the public face and “environmental convenience” is the private face!

As a potentially hazardous material, appropriately trained personnel were called to respond.

Hazmat crews in Gwinnett County were called to clean up waste left behind by a Democratic National Committee bus.

….The officer stated that a large amount of drying toilet paper was on the roadway where the RV had been and a “foul smell” was left in the air.

Gwinnett County Fire Hazmat units cleaned up the spill.

Those HazMat teams cost about $1000/hour for response (at least in California). I sure hope they charge the Clinton campaign for their costs. Should she be elected, Hillary Clinton will be charging Georgia taxpayers more than enough in the future.

Finally, Georgia Public Health codes explicitly states:

“Georgia law prohibits dumping sewage from recreational vehicles, camper trailers, and other holding tanks onto the ground.

There is a concept called “broken windows policing” that theorizes that those who break small laws break are more inclined to break more serious ones. This incident is just another indication of the lack of respect for the rule of law that we experience under Hillary Clinton and her minions if she is elected. I shudder to think about the serious laws Team Clinton has yet to break.

Looking to the past, Obama has clearly used his office as a footstool. Peering into the future, Clinton will use hers as a toilet...if we let her!


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