This isn’t fair. Shouldn’t campus feminists have a special place to contemplate their toxicity, too?

FOX News reports:

Duke offers men a ‘safe space’ to contemplate their ‘toxic masculinity’

Duke University is famous for its science and engineering programs, as well as its dominance in college basketball.

Now, it may also become known as a great place for men to gather and contemplate why they’re such horrible people.

The Duke Men’s Project, launched this month and hosted by the campus Women’s Center, offers a nine-week program for “male-identified” students that discusses male privilege, patriarchy, “the language of dominance,” rape culture, pornography, machismo and other topics.

The student newspaper’s editorial board endorsed the new program yesterday, insisting it was “not a reeducation camp being administered by an oppressed group in the service of the feminization of American society.”


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