Right, Donny. Because who could ever come up with an argument against Hillary Clinton, possibly the most corrupt, scandal-ridden, jaded candidate in the history of presidential politics?

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, to his credit, fulminated against anti-Trump MSM reporters who are supposed to write stories down the middle but are instead “openly cheering for Hillary Clinton.” That’s when Donny Deutsch defended media bias, saying that reporters have a “conscience” and that “sometimes there’s no other side to an argument.

Bonus coverage: earlier in the show, Deutsch said he would be “shocked” if between now and election day, the names of “three or four women” don’t emerge with stories damaging to Trump relating to “misogyny.” Was this pure speculation on Donny’s part, or did a little birdie inside the Clinton campaign tell him something? Note: because it is the primary focus of this blog item, the video clip and transcript place Deutsch’s defense of biased journalism first, although it actually came a bit later in the show.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You now have a lot of people in the press openly—that are supposed to be down the middle—openly cheering for Hillary Clinton in a way that they want to be able to tell their children and grandchildren after it’s over, I did everything I could.

DONNY DEUTSCH: Yeah, conscience.

JOE: Conscience of journalists? They’re not supposed to have conscience —

DONNY: They’re human beings, still. They’re parents.

JOE: You’re supposed to write your stories down the middle, let Ron Fournier and people like Ron Fournier go after, let people like us who get paid to give our opinions go after it. We still need journalists who can do things down the middle dispassionately.

DONNY: But sometimes there’s no other side to an argument. And I think that’s what’s happening here.

. . .

DONNY: The thing I still think will play against [Trump] is this woman stuff. I have a strange feeling at the debate, there’ll be another name that will come up from Hillary that we haven’t heard or haven’t thought about. I think between now and election day, and the one thing that Trump cannot recover — he recovers from sleaze, he doesn’t recover from the hate stuff. And there’ll be more women stuff to come. And he doesn’t recover from that. I would be shocked if between now and November 8th there are not three or four names of women we haven’t thought about or heard about that articulate the problem that Trump has, as far as misogyny and as far as all across other things.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I think that’s going to be a —

DONNY: I think that’s what going to continue to pound him.

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