Conservative students of color are often treated with such viciousness that your heart breaks for them. You have to admire their willingness to stand up for what they believe in a case like this.

The College Fix reports:

Conservative students of color called ‘coons,’ ‘f*cking retarded’ for Star Parker anti-abortion talk

A conservative student group at Cal State LA made up mostly of black, Latino and Asian students was targeted Thursday by verbal assaults and vandalism protesting the club’s plans to host a conservative black female speaker on campus.

Young Americans for Freedom is set to host activist Star Parker Oct. 18 for a talk titled “Abortion: Planned Parenthood’s War Against The Poor.” Campus flyers touting the event were ripped down by two black females, who when asked why they were tearing down the flyers replied “because you all are f*cking retarted, that’s why,” a video of the incident released by the foundation shows.

What’s more, the group’s Facebook page was hit Thursday with vicious comments, including one post which said: “For all you bigots, especially POC sellouts and coons of YAF,” and linked to a picture of a tweet saying, “welcome to america the country that is run by straight cis white males that believe abortion is cold murder but killing black people is not,” according to screenshots.

Featured image is a screen cap.