It appears as if the elite media is actually participating in conservation efforts…by recycling old stories of humanity’s impending doom.

About one year ago, news outlets were reporting that the Earth has entered a sixth mass extinction phase, with animals now dying out at 100 times the normal rate. In my detailed analysis of the other 5 extinction level events, I noted than mankind played absolutely no role.

In fact, the Permian extinction wiped out 95% of all lifeforms. Unless therapsids were driving S.U.V.’s or had air conditioning, it is difficult to condemn fossil fuels as the cause of such a massive loss of species.

Obviously, we have not been sufficiently scared. So, now a new new report has been released asserting that over 60 percent of species will be gone in four short years.

…The analysis, the most comprehensive to date, indicates that animal populations plummeted by 58% between 1970 and 2012, with losses on track to reach 67% by 2020. Researchers from WWF and the Zoological Society of London compiled the report from scientific data and found that the destruction of wild habitats, hunting and pollution were to blame.

The creatures being lost range from mountains to forests to rivers and the seas and include well-known endangered species such as elephants and gorillas and lesser known creatures such as vultures and salamanders.

The reality is a little less stark, I think.

For example, The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently took the giant panda off the endangered species list and reclassified it as “vulnerable.” Closer to my home, the range and numbers are expanding for the California Condor due to intense conservation efforts.

Additionally, new species are discovered all the time! Interestingly, in California, a new species of thread-like millipede was uncovered within a Sequoia National Park cave…and a charming creature it is, too!


This insect sounds charming, and I nominate Anthony Wiener as its namesake:

The new species may possess “only” 414 legs, compared to its relative’s 750, yet, it has a similar complement of bizarre anatomical features, including a body armed with 200 poison glands, silk-secreting hairs, and 4 penises.

Additionally, there are species of bacteria that are unknown and unclassified. Therefore, I charge that the World Wildlife Federation is being vertebrate-centric in its findings.

I suspect the “Sixth Mass Extinction” redo is related to the fact that 97% of Americans are not sufficiently indoctrinated about the seriousness of climate change.

…97 percent of Americans don’t seem to care about the issue when stacked up against other concerns such as terrorism or the economy, according to a recent Fox News poll.

A November Fox News poll of more than 1,000 registered voters found that only 3 percent listed “climate change” as the most important issue facing the country today, down from 5 percent in August. Americans were much more worried about terrorism, the economy and immigration than global warming.

I am looking forward to next year’s update, to see how many years we have left before Climate Change Armageddon!


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