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Citizens Respond to Celebrity “Save The Day” Ad With Their Own

Citizens Respond to Celebrity “Save The Day” Ad With Their Own

Thanks…for nothing!

In September, we noted that Avengers writer Joss Whedon gathered a few of his celebrity friends and produced “Save the Day” as a way to encourage people to show up at the polls come Election Day.

While it was not hard to see the production as pro-Clinton, a group of talented deplorable citizens gathered together to make the best political ad to date in response the glitterati’s pleas.

Hit the “play” button, sit back, and enjoy the snark goodness!


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This is just awesome!

I had not seen the original video, and it took a lot to watch it all the way to the end. The patronizing is so offensive! Of course, I am not a snowflake. I can handle offensive.
I did notice something.
The one lady who was not famous was always away from the camera, to make her look LITTLE. The “stars” where right there in front of the lens, to make them look BIG.
That’s how they see themselves vs. the rest of us.

That was GREAT! Very snark-a-licious.

Snarkolicious!! Could have been even more so for my money.